Ricky's Empanadas

Small Batch, Handcrafted Frozen Empanadas Made with Love in NYC

Hi Friends!

Thank you for trying my empanadas and supporting my dream to share joy through food.

Cheers, Ricky

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"Ricky's Empanadas will solve all of your life's problems.."

-Laura B.

"Goddamn, that was delicious."

-Rich J.

"Bomb bomb. The BX Choppa is my style."

-John M.

"Everyone I shared with, loved the dough! The BX Choppa had the perfect amount of seasoning! Not too salty and so delicious."

-Sarah C.

"Your empanadas were a huge hit!! I didn't even get to taste it."

-Juliana R.

"That was bomb the mushroom hit differently for us." We approve very much of the mushroom."

-Sylwia S.

"WOWWW you’re SO talented. The dough is so flavorful and flaky! You can feel the love you put into these."

-Laura C.

"Everyone loved how thin and delicate the crust was. Well done!!!"

-Melissa M.

"Chef LOVED your empanadas. He said the size, crunchiness and dough to filling ratio was perfect. Chicken was the family favorite."

-Kristin G.

"OG is bangin. The Guisada Mama is definitely take you home comfort."

-Erika K.