Richmond, Vermont

A Town Through Time

Did you know that Richmond used to have a livery stable, multiple factories, and more than ten hotels? Or that there are rumors that one of the early 20th century business owners was also a smuggler during prohibition? Or that the library building was once a gym?

All these facts and more were discovered by Mansfield Cooperative School students as part of their research on local history this fall. Each student chose a building or other site in downtown Richmond to track through time, from it's original owners to it's modern use.

Though this project, students collaborated with local organizations, engaged in research and developed these web pages to share their learning with the broader community. We hope you enjoy their work and learn something along the way.

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We could not have competed this project without the collaboration and assistance of the Richmond Historical Society. A special thank you goes out to Karen Yaggy & Martha Turner at the Historical Society for their help with this project!