Richard Smejkal

Lectures on: International Humanitarian Law | Global Humanitarian Assistance

"Docendo Discimus"

"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn" [Seneca the Younger]

Every minute we witness incredible progress that humankind has not yet known.

Every minute, wars and disasters generate basic needs that humankind has known for ages.

Humanity, dignity and basic needs can be ensured by modern means, while adhering to ethical principles.

It is my pleasure that the interest of students and the public in these issues is growing.

In the form of regular or ad hoc public courses, I offer the opportunity to learn more about the basic rules of the law of armed conflict and the principles governing humanitarian aid in global perspective.

Target groups: students, public, aid workers, businesspeople, politicians

Location: worldwide, mostly Czech Republic

About me

Personal profile:

  • Ph.D. degree [Charles University] in Applied Ethics (Philosophy)

  • MA degree [University of Economics, Prague] in Development Economics (Major)

  • certified IHL lecturer and disseminator (Czech RC)

  • Int. Humanitarian Aid Coordinator (Czech RC)

  • Emergency Response Unit Commander (Czech RC)

Foreign humanitarian missions:

  • Austria 2015 (migration emergency health support), Nepal 2015 (earthquake emergency help), Ukraine 2014-22 (health emergency help), Balkan floods 2014 (humanitarian aid support)

  • Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia 2002 (Development aid), Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan 2003-2005 (Development aid)

Lectures and Courses