Health Care in Danger

Master Class (90 minutes)


When the war starts health-care services are most needed, but it is also then that they are most vulnerable to attack. Medical personnel, hospitals and health centres and even the wounded and the sick are endangered. The violence can disrupt the health-care system when people need it the most. Combatants and civilians die only because of lack of medical attention in time. Entire communities are suffering of limited vital services, such as maternity care, child care and vaccinations. Sometimes it leads to entire system collapses.

Topics & discussion

  • Rights and responsibilities of health-care personnel
  • The Red Cross National Societies in protecting health-care provision
  • Military operational practise and safe access
  • Ambulance and pre-hospital care in risk situations
  • Security of health-care facilities
  • Ethical principles of health-care provisions in time of war
  • Model situations

[English or Czech]