RibbitRePublic Theatre PresentsIAGO vs HAMLETA comedy by Jayson McDonald

The Setting

A rehearsal space in which, unknown to themselves, both Iago and Hamlet have booked to rehearse their soliloquies.

Dramatis Personae

Rod Peter Jr. - HAMLET, Hamlet, son to the late King of Denmark, and nephew to the present king

Jon Paterson - IAGO, a villain, [ancient or standard-bearer, and third in command to Othello]


Prince Hamlet is the title role and protagonist of William Shakespeare's c. 1600 tragedy Hamlet. He is the Prince of Denmark, nephew to the usurping Claudius, and son of King Hamlet, the previous King of Denmark. At the beginning of the play, he struggles with whether, and how, to avenge the murder of his father, and struggles with his own sanity along the way.


Iago (/iˈɑːɡoʊ/) is a fictional character in Shakespeare's Othello (c. 1601–1604). Iago is the play's main antagonist, and Othello's standard-bearer. He is the husband of Emilia, who is in turn the attendant of Othello's wife Desdemona. Iago hates Othello and devises a plan to destroy him by making him believe that Desdemona is having an affair with his lieutenant, Michael Cassio.

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