Farewell Cooks (2002)

April 2002

For the past two decades, our Hall Kitchen has been serving residents with nourishment.

Indeed, mealtimes are among the great highlights of living at Raffles Hall...

... new friends, old friends, lots of gossip...

In May 2002, we will be shutting down our Hall Kitchen and starting a catering system.

This move is inevitable due to cost constraints.

In April we had a farewell tea for our cooks.

Students and staff combined resources to buy gifts for them as a token of appreciation.

Some of our cooks have been with us throughout their working lives.

Seated in Front(Left to right):

1. Alex loke (RF of block 5)

2. Makcik Tumi bte Basonee,

3. Winston Seah Kar Heng (Master)

4. Makcik Sadiah bte Mohni

Standing behind:

1. Mr. Steven Tan (retired Hall Manager)

2. Mr. Kerk Chwee Key

3. Mdm. Lee Hwa Yeong

4. Mr. Raja Nani

5. Mr. Wang Sang Khim

6. Ms. Lee Siong Lee

7. Ms. Letchmi

8. Ms. Savithri d/o Velusamy (office staff)

9. Ms. Rahidah Bte Abdul Jabar, "Ida" (office staff)

10.Ms. Tang Foon Yang (Hall Manager)

11. Ms. Lim Sing, Jenny

12. Seto Wai Ling (RF of block 3)

13. Ms. Azlinah M.Shah (office staff)

14. Lim Kwanghui (RF of block 3)


1. Yap Hong Tee

2. Lim Hong Chwee

3. Zahrah Ahmad

4. Wong Yip Yeow

Farewell Gifts

Farewell Tea