What our patients say about us?

"Over the years I have been to chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists and until i met Rafal, none of them made much difference to my back problem. Since I have been treated by Rafal my mobility has improved significantly and I am able to do things I have not been able to do for years. I am also in a lot less pain than I was before. I cannot recommend him highly enough." (source: 10to8 patient satisfaction survey)

"Always appropriate treatment to maintain my overall fitness and target problems when needed. Excellent!" (source: 10to8 patient satisfaction survey)

"Completely satisfied with the treatment received. Raf goes far and beyond to solve issues." (source: 10to8 patient satisfaction survey")

"Gave very good advice and demonstrated therapy for my elbow fracture that the NHS wasn't able to provide which avoid delayed healing and complication. " (source: Google Maps)

"Raf's Aqua Therapy classes are second to none! He explains every movement in detail and makes sure you know not to push yourself too far, just do what you can do and you will slowly improve is his motto. I would recommend anyone to his classes. Also his Physio sessions are exceptional and I am improving with every week that goes by. Thank you." (source: Google Maps)

Raf is extremely knowledgeable & personable. He certainly knows how to find & target the right spot! He treated my shoulder problem & is now helping me to recover from a lower back injury. The home visit was very professionally executed - I'd certainly recommend, Raf. (source: Google maps)

I’ve only had 1 session but just from that I know he is very knowledgeable and way better then my previous. (source: 10to8 satisfaction survey)

Having experienced terrible pain from a hip operation I can honestly say that Rafal has 'saved' me. Both the exercises and the massage and the individual advice he has given have been superb and am now on the road to recovery. Rafal has given me enormous practical help but just as importantly hope that I can get better. Rafal works from your own home and the treatment is well worth the very reasonable fee this was a positive first step he charges. I can't recommend him highly enough. (source: Google maps)