About us

We are a small, friendly practice established in 2019 in the UK but we build on our physiotherapist's experience gained through over 20 years of pro-active work with various patients.

Extensive experience, hands-on approach and high standards set our services apart.

We provide mobile services visiting clients in the comfort of their own home or another place of their choice and recently we have become available for our patients in our new clinical place based in Spirit Health Club, Holiday Inn in Hemel Hempstead.

We are qualified to treat conditions within all areas of physiotherapy:

Musculoskeletal& Sports



Care of the Older Person

What we do

We deliver a wide range of highly effective treatments and pain management plans tailored to individual needs. Please contact us first by email if you have any doubts regarding your condition.

Highly specialized physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and provide a treatment plan.


  • migraines and headaches

  • neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

  • upper and lower back pain

  • rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other joints' problems,

  • pre- and post-operative rehabilitation

  • rehabilitation after injury

  • knee and hip problems

  • neurological physiotherapy (stroke, Parkinson's etc)

  • retraining co-ordination, timing and muscle balance

  • regaining strength and flexibility

  • relieving muscle tension, improving blood flow

  • MS rehabilitation

  • Cerebral Palsy and developmental delays in children

Care of the Older Person

Physiotherapy help people continue with activities of daily living and routines. Often elderly people and those of them who are in care homes are not stimulated enough as staff often are very busy and may not have the time to encourage mobility in older people as much as would be beneficial to them. NHS can cover physiotherapy for some people sometimes but generally waiting lists are long and the appointments not sufficient. That is why many people decide on private physiotherapy when considering well being of their loved ones.

Our physiotherapist can come visit you in your care home. The sessions will help regain and improve mobility, improve strength and flexibility with exercise, prevent falls, improve coordination and daily function.

Stroke Rehabilitation

In the UK one person has a stroke every 5 minutes. Stroke is a serious life-threatening condition. Many people who have stroke need long-term support. Rehabilitation after a stroke is crucial as it enables people to relearn lost abilities, regain independence and reduces the risk of further strokes.

Contact us today to learn how we can help.

The Bobath Concept

The Bobath concept is a problem-solving approach used in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement and postural control disturbances due to a lesion of the central nervous system.[1] The approach is used for treating patients affected with Central Nervous System anomalies. (Physiopedia)

We use elements of the concept in various conditions' treatment plans (Cerebral Palsy, MS) Our therapist is IBITA Bobath certified.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

PNF is another method that Rafal is certified in.

PNF is a form of stretching designed to increase flexibility of muscles and increase range of motion. PNF is a progressive stretch involving muscle contraction and relaxation. PNF can be of benefit to individuals recovering from muscle damage as part of treatment. It can also help healthy individuals to increase flexibility and range of movement. (Physio.co.uk)

Children's Therapy

Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises are an effective form of preventing and reversing postural defects. Our physiotherapist has a extensive experience in providing classes and individual sessions to children in different age groups. These therapeutic exercises were evaluated and proved to provide a positive impact on children's posture and general well being through eliminating bad posture habits, adapting correct postural habits, strengthening/ stretching particular muscle groups.

It is better to start a prevention or correction program as soon as the issue is noticed.

We work with children with neurological conditions, failure to thrive and developmental delays. Our aim is to improve our little patients' health and well being. In order to do so we use specialist methods and techniques. Our physiotherapist will discuss the options explaining possible outcomes of a particular treatment.

TheraSuit Method®

Our physiotherapist is a certified TheraSuit Method provider.

TheraSuit Method® was created by Izabela and Richard Koscielny. It is a very holistic approach for those afflicted with neurological disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. It combines the best elements of various techniques and methods.. Its major goal is to improve and change proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduce patient's pathological reflexes and restore physiological muscle synergies.