Prof. Reuven Yeshurun is Chair of the Department of Archaeology, the University of Haifa. He is an archaeologist interested in the Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic periods, ancient human ecology, the evolution of hunting and early sedentism. He studies the first settled societies of the Near East, with special focus on the Natufian Culture. Additionally, he uses zooarchaeological methods to investigate human subsistence and ecology during the Pleistocene.

Currently he co-directs multi-annual excavation projects in two Epipaleolithic sites in Mt. Carmel, Israel: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of el-Wad Terrace (Natufian Culture) and the Geometric Kebaran camp of Neve David. Additionally, he studies diverse Middle and Upper Paleolithic archaeofaunal assemblages, notably from Misliya Cave, Nesher-Ramla and Manot Cave.


PhD (2012), University of Haifa, Department of Archaeology

Post-doc (2012-2014), Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Program in Human Ecology and Archaeobiology

Lecturer (2014-2017), University of Haifa, Department of Archaeology

Senior Lecturer (2017-present), University of Haifa, Department of Archaeology

Former Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society

Contact information

ryeshuru [at] (email); +972-4-8240692 (office)