If this movie’s title is the name of this organ, the window of the soul through which the first contact between two people occurs, it is because the story happens inside the retinas of the characters, as if the retina participated more than we could believe in the mystery of an encounter, perhaps also of a love story, and - why not - of the meaning of our lives?

In this movie the retinas appear on the screen in live action - they will be the actors’ retinas, offering the audience a fascinating experience of truth and a huge dive into the depths of the retina, into a sea of corals unknown.

This fragile and intimate organ accompanies the fragility of the characters. Retinal connections are created and evolve between the three main characters - Lillian, Clay, and Henriette - over the story. Lillian's unexplained retinal seizures bring back the memory of his mother's death, which he witnessed as a child, haunting him. The complex connections of the optic nerve are also compared with those of LOÏS, the search engine for which Henriette works.

The Story evokes the magical, surreal, irrational dimension that we attribute to the organ, as we do to sacred relics: the heart of St Louis, the heart and stomach of Napoleon, or the brain of Einstein.