RETINA(S) is a fantasy romance with creative storytelling featuring characters of touching fragility. The double acting of Lillian and Clay offers a remarkable performance, fascinating for the audience. An emotional link is developed throughout the story but without identification with this double, offering the audience the necessary perspective for critical thinking and provoking thought. 

To meet another myself who can understand me, aware of my weaknesses, my deep fears, and who helps me to overcome them, to become better, that would be an encounter that would change my life! A character who meets another himself promises a strange, surreal, intriguing story. How far can the relationship between this character and his double go? What if this relationship existed in the material world but also in the immaterial world, in dreams?

The genres of this movie are romance and fantasy. From the origins of cinema dream and reality have been interwoven – such as in movies by Georges Méliès (1861-1938) or Alice Guy (1873-1968). The theme of the double has been present for a long time in the history of cinema in all genres - adventure, comedy drama, drama, horror, fantasy, detective, romance, science fiction, thriller… Rarer are movies in which the same actor plays both characters - recently ETERNAL DAUGHTER by Joanna Hogg (2022).

Ambitions for this movie are: to develop a real and strong relationship between Lillian and Clay, his double, while maintaining the unreality of this situation; to keep the audience in active tension with the characters; to avoid the heaviness of the theme of narcissism by the enchantment of the tale, the charm of romance with touches of humour.