Restore Social Rec


In 2009, when California was in the midst of a severe recession, the state made devastating cuts to many programs that affected people with developmental disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, and epilepsy. They called these cuts “temporary."

One significant cut was to restrict regional centers from funding camp and social & recreational programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.

In the time since, the state has restored nearly all of the cuts to people with developmental disabilities.

Except for one major area: They never restored the funding for vital camp and social & recreational programs.

Bottom line: The budget subcommittees in Sacramento are considering whether to restore the funding RIGHT NOW. We must act quickly.

Join the urgent fight to #RestoreSocialRec.


We know that social recreation services are critical for children and adults to enjoy their lives, make friends, have physical activity such as gymnastics and swimming, participate in cultural activities such as theater, music, or art, among many other benefits. We also know that these services have been used by underserved Latino, African-American, and Asian families in the past and restoring the funding would help reduce racial disparities. Restoring these services will also have a major impact on the upcoming Self-Determination Program as it will allow participants to have larger budgets to meet their needs.