Join the Resistance

Joining The Resistance

Welcome to the Resistance! Please follow the steps below to join our community.

1. Take a Scanner Screenshot

Take a screenshot of your scanner within the Ingress Application. (Click here for help on taking a screenshot)

(Examples of a scanner screenshot on Ingress Prime are shown below; for privacy reasons, the agent's name has been concealed)

2. Set up your Telegram Account

The Resistance uses Telegram primarily for communications. This is compulsory for us to add you into the community.

Download Telegram on iTunes

Download Telegram on Google Play Store

Your Telegram username will be needed for the next step, so remember to create one under Settings > Info > Username.

3. Request to Join Our Community

Fill in your agent details in this Google form.

Once you are done, wait patiently for your invitation via email.

Our admins may be busy. If you do not receive a reply in 3 days, please send an email along with your In-game name (IGN) to to remind us.

After you have successfully responded to a chat request with our admins, you will be invited to our community's Telegram group chat.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in the community shortly!


  1. The in-game faction chat is not secure. Please do not post your personal information and details in that chat.
  2. If you want to contact another agent in Ingress, we recommend joining our community first before contacting via Telegram.