Game Guide

What can I do as a Level 1-3 player?

1. Farm

Move into range of portals and hack(farm) and burn them out. The hack button lights up when you are in range of the portal. This is very important as farming gives you items for game play. You can do a maximum of 4 hacks in 4 hours before the portal burns out. Hacking Enlighten portals (green enemy portals) gives an extra 100 AP, but generally lesser items, so farm blue portals if you can as you will be needing the items for levelling!

Note that you can farm and get more items when you glyph hack (long press the hack button). Read Golro’s Guide to Glyphing

2a. Deploy Resonators.

Always deploy resonators if you see a portal that is short on resonators. Each resonators deployed is 125 AP, and the last resonator deployed gives a bonus of 250 AP (125 AP + 250 AP). If you see a neutral portal (grey portal), please go ahead and cap the portal as the first resonator deployed gives a bonus of 500 AP (125 AP + 500 AP)

2b. How to Deploy a Resonator?

Deploying resonators is an art. To get a good deployment range, always deploy your resonators only when your circle is "kissing" the portal as shown in the picture below. Portals that are well deployed make it harder for enemies to take down. Do not worry if you can only deploy low level resonators, as other agents who are of higher levels can always upgrade over your resonators.

2c. Deploying Mods

Portal Mods are items that are used to upgrade a portal. There are 4 mod slots at every portal and each player can deploy up to 2 mods per portal. Each mod deployed gives 125 AP. Please note that mods cannot be removed once they are upgraded into a portal, hence, be careful and choose your mods wisely! Read more about portal mods here

3a. Collect Keys and Create Control Fields.

Portal keys allow you to make links and control fields. Click on "Link" and you will be able to see a selection of portals nearby that you can link to. Do note that you will need the portal key of a portal to be able to link to that portal. If you do not have the key to that portal, you would need to farm for it. Do note that 1 key is used up every time a link is made, so always keep your keys till you can make a control field to maximise the AP gain.

Create short links and control fields for more AP. Bigger control fields do not give you more AP. Long links block our fellow resistance players from fielding and levelling, so please be considerate! If you're not sure, sound out on the chat before linking. =)

Each link gives you 313 AP and each control field (3 portals linked together to form a small triangle gives you a control field) created gives you 1250 AP.

If your area is predominantly Enlightened-controlled, do collect keys as well for a chance to link when it turns blue. Seek help from agents in our friendly community to help turn it blue!

3b. Why am I unable to link?

There are also instances where you would be unable to make links:

  • There are already 8 outgoing links from the origin portal (the portal where you want to link out from).
  • Each portal allows only a maximum of 8 outgoing links.
  • The destination portal (the portal you want to link to) is not fully deployed.
  • The link you want to make is being blocked by another link. You cannot link pass an existing link, be it blue or green.
  • The origin portal is under a Control Field. You cannot make links from a portal that is under a control field.


1. Can I Take Down An Enemy Portal?

Many portals in Singapore are of high levels and xmps from level 1-3 hardly do any damage. However, if you see a dying resonator and would really like to try, we recommend that you stand on the resonator (your arrow would be directly on top of the dying resonator) before firing your xmp, to get the most damage that you can.

2. Where can I find Portals Near Me?

To check out portals near you for more efficient game play, visit INGRESS INTEL PAGE

Visit for more game tips and smurfling lessons!