A New Concept of Eating-Out. A New Way of Dining-in

RENT-A-KITCHEN reverse your concept of eating-out and dining-in.

Now you can cook a feast for your friends in our kitchen venues, we include cleaning services. You may also sit back at home and enjoy a restaurant alike experience with a professional chef and sommelier delivered to your location .

Just tell us what you want , we provide all kind of food and beverage arrangement. From organizing your company's cooking events, Master Chef Fight! cooking event, special menu catering on a beach, a personal trainer and chef to guide your fitness program at your gym room, to something you may not imagine.

We also provide a fully equipped home-style kitchen venues for private rental in an affordable price, the kitchens are built for restaurants' preopening preparation, commercial photoshoot, corporates' team building events.



歡迎隨便問問,或者我們可給你一些好提意。我們提供令你意想不到的餐飲及生活概念,例如籌劃各類型的公司TEAM BUILDING、決戰!美女廚房烹飪活動、在沙灘上準備燒烤野餐、專業健身教練及飲食指導一對一協助你的減肥大計,你想到或意想不到的,我們也能安排。

RENT-A-KITCHEN 亦配備家用廚房的場地,適合餐廳前期準備及試菜、商業拍攝、機構團隊活動等。以私密度高的包場形式出租,價錢合理,給你一個舒適的空間及齊全的設備去準備活動。

Enquiries / Bookings : Tel +852 6464 2910 or Email or FACEBOOK