Welcome 6th Grade

Our commitment as a team is to provide a safe and culturally responsive learning experience that elevates student voice, family and community partnerships, and consistent structures to increase a sense of belonging and to empower our students to do good in the world.

Teacher Late Days

Monday- Mrs. Simons, Mrs. Cunha, and Ms. Santabarbra

Wednesday- Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Rodgers

Thursday- Mrs. Denigris, Mr. Lee-Davis, Mrs. Rosenberg, Mrs. Sullivan and Dr. Bretch


Wednesday, March 17th Asynchronous Time
TSRS Remote as of 3/1

Sample Student Schedule as of 3/1

Students can click on the link "Student Fill In Schedule" and make a copy to fill in their schedule.

Interested in joining the GSA? Click on this link to RSVP for meetings:

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Important Information for Families

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report my student absent?

  • Call the school at (413)750-2929 to report an absence.

How do I contact the teachers?

What does Asynchronous mean?

Asynchronous means it is not a live class.

Students still have work during asynchronous classes.

When can my student get support outside of class?

  • Each teacher has a late day from 2:30-3:00. Students can use their class Zoom links to attend office hours.

  • From 2:05-2:20, teachers are available for help. Students can message teachers on Unified Classroom with questions!

  • On their Asynchronous days, teachers are on Zoom for the first 10 minutes of class. Students can come on Zoom for guidance or to ask questions.

  • Teachers pull students on Wednesdays for small group!

Grade 6 Open House

Missed Open House?

That is okay! Take a look at what we covered!

Having laptop issues?

ALL student technology issues should be reported to the Student Help Desk. Any repairs or replacements of malfunctioning or broken laptops will come from them. We will NOT be doing repair/replace work or distributing loaners at Renaissance.

Student Help Desk Info:

Phone: (866) 552-0486

Live Chat: https://support.customms.com

E-mail: studenthelpdesk@springfieldpublicschools.com

Looking to get connected to ClassDojo? Use this link: ClassDojo Sign Up

Virtual Norms and Consistencies

Norms and Consistencies

This document explains the school-wide consistencies we will follow in the virtual classroom.

Student Materials

This is a list of materials students should have with them at the start of every class - it counts for HOW1!

Habits of Work

I come to my digital environment ready to learn.

  • Sign in to Zoom 3-5 minutes early

  • Muted, camera is on

  • Having materials: notebook, pencil, laptop, charger, headphones

  • In designated work space with appropriate background (virtual or not)

  • Complete Check-in/Do Now

I actively and collaboratively participate in my online class.

  • Participate by asking and answering questions from Peardeck during designated times in the lesson.

  • Use chat for on-task conversation - answer teacher questions and check for understanding questions.

  • Be attentive to the lesson on the screen.

I assess and revise my independent assignments.

  • I use teacher and/or peer feedback to revise my work and submit it.

  • I use provided rubrics, task sheets, and checklists to assess my completed work before submitting it.

  • I am able to reflect on my academic progress on assessments and assignments.

I am a self-directed and organized student.

  • Turning in assignments on or before the due date.

  • Keeping an organized agenda/platform to track my schedule, all assignments, classes, office hours and “to do’s”

  • Communicate when I need support by attending office hours or communicating with teachers through Unified Classroom or Email or Zoom chat.

  • Keeping an active notebook during class. (synchronous and asynchronous).

Take a trip to the Library!!

It has its very own website: Click Here!!

Summer Reading

In the spring, we asked students to read at least one book and be ready to show they read it in a way that makes sense to them! We will be submitting our assignments in ELA class during the second week of school.

If you would like to view the Summer Reading website and get access to free PDFs of books, here it is! Summer Reading Website with free books!


All students need a Gmail account for school this year. Pear Deck, via Google Slides, is an interactive instructional tool that teachers will be using to engage all students in the lesson, to monitor student participation, and to check for understanding. In order to facilitate this, we are requiring that all students create a Gmail account with their proper first name and last name. It is recommended that their password be the same as their SPS password, SP and their day of birth (SpMMDDYY). This program will also ensure that students have access to the lesson notes when absent, or if they need to refer back to a particular lesson.

If you have any concerns, please reach out the 6th grade level administrator, Mr. Derek Wright at wrightd@springfieldpublicschools.com.

Links to the Team # Pages:

Digital Norms