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The goal of ReMasterpieces is to recreate paintings stolen and lost or destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. Using small black and white photographs of the missing paintings as my guide, I hope to bring a small amount of closure to families who were terrorized by a fascist regime by recreating the missing paintings and presenting them to the families.

This project began by using Photoshop to recreate the paintings. (See a presentation I gave on ReMasterpieces to the US-UK Fulbright Commission below.) This mode of development was very slow and potentially inaccurate. I am now using deep learning to recreate the paintings. Follow the blog on this website for updates on the project!

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Below is a short video showing the recreated surface of the Raphael painting. I utilize a computer vision technique to create the surface. Once I have more painting surface data, I will use machine learning to more accurately recreate the surface.

ReMasterpieces has been partially funded through a generous grant from Awesome Pittsburgh