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50 Years of the Logicians' Liberation League

The program is here!

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Bob Meyer’s reading of the Manifesto that would give rise to the Logicians' Liberation League. A meeting in Mexico City is being held to honor the venerable history of this anarchic aggrupation. Come and join us!


Jon Michael Dunn --- Boss of Bloomington

Graham Priest --- Prince of Darkness

Jc Beall --- Beallzebub, Prince of Glutany (Archbishop of Connecticut)

Edwin Mares --- Identity of Relevance

Zach Weber --- Cardinal of Comprehension

Hitoshi Omori --- Keeper of Classical Residue

Heinrich Wansing --- Cardinal of Connexivity

Gillian Russell --- Master of Deviant Meaning

Thomas Ferguson --- Bastard of Boethius

Eduardo Barrio --- Baron of Buenos Aires (We missed you!)

Nicole Wyatt --- Priestess of Pluralisms

Andrew Tedder --- Creator of Cartesian Consequence

More generally, this event was also meant to be a meeting that brings together logicians from all trades and backgrounds. Papers related to

  • non-standard logics, especially relevant/relevance logics, paraconsistent logics and contra-classical logics
  • paradoxes of truth, sets or properties
  • dialetheism, noneism, trivialism
  • the meanings of 'implies', 'fuse', 'not', 'in Australia' and other logical connectives
  • the works of Bob Meyer, Richard Routley, Valerie Plumwood or any other member of the LLL
  • the history and philosophy of logic
  • and even classical logic

were welcome.


The conference is organized by Luis Estrada-González (The Trivial One) and Elisángela Ramírez-Cámara. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at


Atocha Aliseda Llera, IIF-UNAM, Mexico

Axel Barceló, IIF-UNAM, Mexico

Bogdan Dicher, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Paul Egré, Institute Jean Nicod, France

Luis Estrada-González (The Trivial One), IIF-UNAM, Mexico

Raymundo Morado, IIF-UNAM, Mexico

Francesco Paoli (Pope Francesco, Theology of Substructural Liberation), University of Cagliari, Italy

Lavinia Picollo (General of Generality), University College London, UK

Daniel Skurt, Ruhr-Universtität Bochum, Germany

Long live Logic!

The event is supported by the PAPIIT Project IN 403719 "Intensionality all the way down: a new plan for logical relevance", UNAM's Institute for Philosophical Research, as well as by the Graduate Programs in Philosophy of Science and Philosophy through the PAEP funds.