Take Action!

We are dedicated to being a part of the global movement for climate justice and work to build coalition and solidarity between individuals and groups. You are a part of this movement!

Become a part of the movement! Here's how to get involved:

Interested in treesitting? Love making art? Have a group of friends who like to make a lot of noise? Learn more about how to get your boots on the ground and actively resist Green Diamond's clearcutting of redwood rainforests.

Every penny counts! All donations go directly to costs associated with defending the forest including gear like climbing harnesses and sleeping bags, treesit materials like plywood and rigging, in addition to transportation costs, food reimbursements, art, outreach and training materials.

Support RFD in directly donating needed supplies like climbing and camping gear, building and art materials, and snacks!

Please share this story with your friends, family and comrades by sharing a link to this website, our social media pages and our Patreon and Gofundme!