Concept to Object

You know your industry, we know devices

We specialize in concept-to-device and everything in between, let us fulfill your R&D desires. Share your idea for a device, and we can make it real. Hire us to update your outdated device with the most cutting edge technologies. Tell us your idea, and we can study what it will take to produce. Combine your industry specific insights of what could be done better, with our gritty knowledge of what is only now becoming feasible. Let's make things better

Projects we've worked on

We designed: E - electronics, S - software, M - mechanical

  • kayak motor controller BLDC - E, S
  • smart tile for life sized air hockey rinks - E, S, M
  • hydrogen fuel cell controller - E, S
  • battery controller for regenerative braking scooter - E
  • quadcopter - E. S, M
  • internet connected pet toy - E, S, M
  • USB videogame controller - S
  • laser data link - E, S
  • computer vision guided laser turret - E, S, M
  • high efficiency voltage regulator - E
  • internet connected 'post it note' - E, S
  • breathalyzer - E, S, M
  • wireless power - E, S
  • 'color picker' headlamp - E, S
  • wireless touch screen pyrotechnics controller - E, S, M
  • wifi garage door opener - E, S
  • HDMI 'TV stick' computer - E, S
  • GPS watch - E, S, M
  • wifi lockbox - E, S
  • internet connected liquid level sensors - E, S, M