Adaptive, Low Risk R&D

Technology, market, and your needs change fast, let's climb the learning curve together

Live Online Engineering Notebook

  • You get access to our online engineering notebook for your project, our notes on how everything comes together
  • You own everything. Even if a design is still in progress, you have access to the files
  • See where we are spending our time on your project, live

Adaptive Design Process

  • We quickly develop a minimal functional prototype, then chisel away at improving it until everyone is happy with the final design
  • This makes it easy for you to control how much design time goes into the final product
  • Surprises are the norm in R&D, and rather than price that risk into our estimate, we only bill you for the work that actually gets done

Simple rate

  • No minimum project cost
  • Everything we do costs the same hourly rate, be it 3D design, electronic design, coding, having parts manufactured, assembly, testing, research
  • Our adaptive design process keeps you in the loop with decisions affecting total project cost, as they are made