Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways began service in 2021. The airline was created by the founder of JetBlue. Until recently, it only offered flights that served smaller airports with short, infrequent flights.   Beginning in August, Breeze Airways has now begun service flights to San Francisco from San Bernardino

Spring Fling

Join us for a great event hosted by our EAA chapter and the Redlands Airport Association.

Hope to see you there!

We will also have flight simulators for people who want to learn more about flying!

The Sun News Article

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IAC 26 Aerobatic Competition Event

9/2 - 9/5

KREI Key Points:

Event specific notes:


Please note the following Letter to Airman from Frank Lias (Air traffic manager, Souther California TRACON)

Due to the close proximity of Redlands(REI) and San Bernardino (SBD) airports, pilots should remain vigilant to see and avoid other aircraft.  It is imperative that all pilots honor the SBD Class D boundary and not enter the SBD Class D without authorization from the SBD Airport Traffic Control Tower.

Additionally, Large and Heavy category aircraft may be operating in close proximity to REI airport. Pilots should be aware of the possible effect of wake turbulence generated by these aircraft and use caution to avoid wake turbulence encounters.

Pilots operating in the vicinity of REI are strongly encouraged to ensure their transponder and ADS-B "OUT" are on and operational, if so equipped.  Pilots of aircraft that are radio-equipped should actively monitor REI CTAF on 123.05 and, if possible, SBD on 119.45.

Young Eagles  6/19/2021

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 call Beverly (909) 771-3279

Blood Drive  6/19/2021

Want to help support local hospitals which are in dire need of blood donations?  Join us between 10 am and 3 PM at the airport (KREI) lobby parking lot.

You can register ahead of time or drop in the day of.  For more information, email: 

May 4, 2021 

Redlands Pilots Gather City Hall in Support of Coyote Aviation

On May 4th 2021, Pilots and supporters of Gil Brown met up to show their support for Coyote Aviation.  The city council meeting was broadcast live on the Television and many supporters of Coyote Aviation had their public comments read.  The city is currently under heavy scrutiny by the pilot community for failing to renew the lease between the city of Redlands and Gil Brown (owner of Coyote Hangars at KREI).  This tenuous situation has left many pilots wondering what will happen to Coyote Hangars and the patrons who reside there.  This situation is still being litigated and to read more, click on the link here.

March 24, 2021 - Joe Holland Obituary

Journal entry by Nancy Holland — Mar 24, 2021

Joe Paschal Holland was born July 14, 1952 to Dalton T. and Mary W. Holland in Harper, Kansas.  He died March 18, 2021, as the result of falling from the wing of an airplane on March 6.  

He enjoyed a small town upbringing where he knew everyone and everyone knew him. He attended Kansas State University, where he earned  a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering.  He completed his PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University in 1982.  

For over 45 years he did “a splendid variety of things” (his choice of words) including building nuclear power plants, developing nuclear electric deep space propulsion in consultation with JPL,  micro-reactors,  satellite communications and reusable launch vehicles. He was also known as one of the few nuclear hardness experts consulting on the next-generation ICBM program — known as the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. He was the Chief Engineer of Advatech Pacific, a local  aerospace research and development company,  for a number of years. Most recently, he was a consultant to Northrop Grumman working on a military satellite program. During the covid year, he and his brother wrote a book about nuclear power to educate the public about how nuclear power works.

Those who worked with him considered him their mentor and an expert in almost any subject as Joe was an avid reader of science, technology, history and science fiction.  He was often described by his friends and relatives as a “living textbook”.  One niece mentioned that she forgot her science textbook one time and couldn’t complete her homework without it. Ever resourceful,  she called her Uncle Joe and he helped her get an A+ by telling her all about deep sea bathyspheres.  

Flying was his passion. He flew with in a classmate’s plane in high school and got his own license in 1974. While at Texas A&M University, he became a flight instructor as it meant his monthly dues to the college’s flying club were waived. Ultimately he got his instrument, instrument instructor and commercial license. Getting his medical back so he could fly solo after having brain cancer meant the world to him.

After his parents passed, he took a bigger interest in the farmland passed to their children. With his brother and sister, he was seeking to make the land profitable,  sustainable, and welcoming to butterflies and bees.

Joe was a blood donor, Boy Scout Leader, soccer coach, founding member of the Redlands Flying Club, and volunteer pilot for the Redlands Police Department. He attended and supported the First United Methodist Church of Redlands.  And loved to downhill ski at Mammoth and Bogus Basin.

He was a cancer survivor for 11 years and ultimately an organ donor.  As Joe made clear in his final wishes, “if parts of me can be used to help someone else, then use them.”

He leaves to mourn, Nancy Cooper Holland,  his wife of 43 years and his two sons, Benjamin and Daniel of Redlands, California.  He is also survived by his four siblings, Bonita Winer of Bethesda, Maryland, Rebecca Holland of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sara Holland-Adams of San Antonio, Texas, and John Holland of Ottawa, Kansas, siblings-in-laws, an aunt, an uncle, numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, their spouses and children.  And a host of friends and family he chose from all over the world.    

A private celebration of his life will be held in Redlands followed by another service and burial in Saffordville, Kansas. And if you loaned him a book, please call his cell number so the family can return it to you.