-Aircraft Scheduling

RFC uses a web-based/phone scheduling system which all members can access


RFC does not prohibit flights to any public-use airport within the US

-Cross country flights with overnight stays

Aircraft are available for multi-day trips for Full Members

No minimum hours per day required

-Deposit ("Buy-In")

RFC requires each member to pay a deposit. Other clubs call this a "buy-in". The member deposits provide the operating capital for the club. Deposits are fully refundable subject to cash flow conditions. Normally, a deposit is refunded once a new member takes the slot of the departed member. This alleviates the departing member from having to find a new member to "purchase" his or her "share", as many other clubs do.

-Flight Instruction

RFC has a roster of club-approved CFIs/CFIIs. Club members arrange for flight instruction individually with the CFI.

-Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are wet, i.e. including fuel. RFC keeps a Redlands fuel card in each airplane. Fuel purchases at remote airports are reimbursed at the actual price or Redlands fuel price of the day, whichever is lower.


RFC maintains both a liability and hull insurance policy covering the club members. This represents a savings of about $900/year for each member (as of 2015) compared to purchasing renter insurance at equivalent limits.


Redlands Flying Club aircraft are maintained to a high standard. Even though the club is a Part 91 operator, requiring only annual inspections, the aircraft receive a full "annual" inspection every 100 flight hours.   Additionally the aircraft are maintained as IFR capable with the bi-annual pitot/static  and transponder checks.  

-Monthly Dues

Monthly dues cover the fixed costs of the club, like insurance, hangar, loan payments, taxes, etc. The dues amount depends on the membership level and the total number of members. For details, see "Membership".


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