Natural Stuff


At the moment, I use the Earth Science Fragrance Free Multi-Therapy Lotion. Feel free to bring your own lotion or oil and we can absolutely use it!

Essential Oils

I currently have a good supply of NOW Essential Oils and a handful of Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils. I'm happy with the way they work and use them on myself and my family. If you have any preferences or particulars in this area, be sure to let me know.


I use my own sheets and launder them myself. All the massage laundry is absolutely separate from my household laundry and I add vinegar to the rinse cycle to naturally sterilize everything.

The natural laundry soap rotates depending on what Costco or Whole Foods has at a great price.

I have fallen in love with the 365 Lavender Fabric Softener. It has just the right balance of softness and very light freshness. I like to wash smells and dirt out rather than wash in heavy perfumes!

General Cleaning

I am compelled to let you know I am a bit of a neat-freak. I don't just clean my lotion and essential oil bottles between clients. I wipe down my own water bottle, door knobs, light switches and drawer handles. I like to know that everything a client and I make contact with in the room is truly individualized.