In 2017 grants were awarded to 20 libraries in 16 counties, from Cornwall to Northumbria.

The charity reaches more libraries using web and social media networks, resulting in a greater number of applications and wider support. Aims and objectives have been reviewed, updated and clarified and the application process streamlined.


In 2016 grants were awarded to 11 libraries in 9 counties.


To celebrate 300 years of gifts to libraries, the Trustees of Rebecca Hussey's Book Charity, with the generous support of Sion College, hold a commemorative lecture given by Professor Oliver Davies at Lambeth Palace, 23 April .

In 2015 grants were awarded to 14 libraries in 11 counties.


The charity's trustees hold a service of rememberance at the Hussey Family Chapel to honour the 300th anniversary of Rebecca Hussey's death.

In 2014 grants were awarded to 6 libraries in 6 counties.