Real Knowledge

This website answers the questions:

"Who am I"

"Where do I come from"

Who am I?

--> You are part of the "Divine Consciousness" of "God" (Allah, Source, and so on). So you are not your "Body".

Where do I come from?

--> You don't come from anywhere. You are.


You experiences that you are a "Human" and live on the planet "Earth" and are born there and die there at some point.

That's how you experience it, but in reality you are "Divine Consciousness". There is no matter at all and the Universe is also only an invention (maya) in our experience as human beings. Just like in a dream. There is no past, there is no future, there is only NOW.

The "Divine Consciousness" refers to something that in fact unnameable is. The Real Reality is unnameable and therefore indescribable. It is permanent, all we think we know is temporarily and thus not real.

An excellent source of knowledge about this knowledge is the Vahinis of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (in English) (recorded from His mouth by the International Sai Organization).

The Vahinis are based on the Hindu view. That is why the terminology also contains many Sanskrit words. However, it is just a matter of terminology and certainly not to promote the Hindu religion. In fact, it is completely independent of any religion.

Ton Modderman

Topics covered in the Vahinis (Flow of Knowledge) that will be discussed include:

Creation of the Elements, Dharma, Devotion, The Bhagavad Gita (The deeper meaning)Wisdom, Maya (The delusion), The Supreme Peace, Love, Male-female principle, liberation. The Epic of Rama, Dissolution of Doubts, Meditation, Enlightenment of Humanity.


Important material is also: 

Other teachers, masters and gurus

Spiritual teachers, masters and gurus can be found everywhere. They each play their specific important role in the Awareness of Humanity. They often also have an impressive appearance and/or vocabulary. There is something to be found for anyone who is looking. Follow your feelings on this. That puts you on the right path for you.

They often have the explanation "The quantum field" or everything is "Energy".

Jesus Christ was a bringer of the real "True Knowledge". Unfortunately, His words have fallen into the hands of those who see this "True Knowledge" as a threat to their personal goals, causing the essence of the Biblical texts to be lost. The same forces, because of their own fear of the truth, also try to keep you distant from who you really are through religions.

Once you have accepted that you are only "Consciousness". You can read and understand the "True Knowledge" very well between the lines.

Explanation of the origin of the Vahinis

To live as a contemporary of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is in itself a unique opportunity, for He has the authentic voice of the Lord Himself; and He is easily accessible and willing to receive pious souls and persons suffering from physical disabilities or mental confusion.

His advent itself is intended to restore dharma in human relations and instill courage in the hearts of spiritual aspirants and purity in the ranks of pious people (sadhus). He began this mission at the age of fourteen, when He announced Himself as the Saint of Shirdi.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba returned, according to the saint's promise that He would reappear eight years after He left His body to complete His work. (to His Mahasamadhi). Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba unobtrusively proclaims His divinity through a constant manifestation of miracles beyond the reach of the laws of science.

He counsels, comforts, bestows favors and, above all, encourages the reluctant aspirants to march towards Him; for He is the Absolute, the Goal. Every word of His, spoken or written, is a great aphorism (a mahavakya); for He has the authority to make it so.

These books are the translation into English of His invaluable advice to all spiritual aspirants, which was first published by Him in the “Sanathana Sarathi” as a series of articles in Telugu.

Baba's Telugu is sweet and simple and goes straight to the heart. Indeed, if you translate it into English or Dutch, you squeeze out much of the native nectar-like flavor.

But for those who are not familiar with Telugu, this is the best way to listen to His directions and that is why this book is presented to all aspirants.

May all who read and follow Baba's teachings prosper, and may they be led into His Holy Presence by His grace.

N. Kasturi (International Sai Organization)