Our flying site ...

is located just off of Airport Road along the East-West runway of the Lakeland Airport. Parking is available along the North side of Airport Road.

Airport Road is located approximately 3 miles North of the intersection of Hwy 70 West and Hwy 51 in Mincoqua, Wisconsin.

When you reach the intersection of Airport Road and Hwy 51 travel West for just over 1.5 miles to reach our flying site. There are signs on the airport side of the road to designate the site.

For those using a GPS for guidance, the closest address is the airport FOB which is located at 1545 N. Farming Road in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin.

Our winter meeting location ...

is located in the lower level conference room of the Marshfeild Clinic. The Clinic is located between State Hwy 70 and County Hwy J at 9601 Townline Road in Minocqua, WI.

The conference room is on the basement level at the back of the building. When entering through the front door of the Clinic, walk all of the way down the hallway on the right side of the building until you come to the elevator to your left at the end of the hallway. Go down to the lower level. On exiting the elevator turn left and then left again at the joining hallway. The conference rooms are the doors on the right about 15 feet down this hallway. The restrooms are located just past the conference rooms so if you reach them you have gone too far.

If you need further directions, please call 715-588-3663.

Winter meetings are generally held beginning in November and ending in April or May on the first Tuesday of each month. The meetings begin at 7:00 PM.

Summer meetings (if any) are held at the flying field.

Guests are always welcome , so please feel free to join us.