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The Lakeland Loons R/C Club is chartered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), a national organization supporting the radio control hobby. To fly RC at our local flying site, you must be a member of both the Lakeland RC Loons and the AMA. Through these memberships those flying are covered with specific liability insurance which protects both the club and the individual flyer should there be an accident. In addition, members of the AMA also receive a monthly magazine covering topics of interest to the model aviation community.

The membership cost to join the Lakeland RC Loons is $35 per year with junior members (those under 19 years of age) being free. The AMA membership charge is based on your age. Adult membership in the AMA is $75 per year and senior membership (over 65) is $65 per year. Junior members are free.

In addition to the yearly membership costs, to enter the hobby you will also need an airplane and support equipment. Typically this investment will cost between $300 and $400, however, if properly cared for the most expensive items (radio and engine) will last you for many years. The Lakeland Loons has flying instructors who will help you select your first plane. This will be a trainer aircraft on which you will receive instruction and learn to solo. (If you are interested we can also provide information on PC based simulator programs which some have found to be a major help in learning to fly). Training at the field is normally done with a "buddy box" system with which the instructor can take control if the student gets into trouble. Once you have learned to fly you will be ready to move on to your next plane which can be selected from an almost endless variety of models. Planes can be built from plans, kits or purchased as “almost-ready-to-fly” (ARF) models.

The Lakeland Loons have permission to fly on the East/West runway at the Lakeland airport. Weather permitting, club flying is primarily done Sunday – late afternoon and evening, Tuesday – morning for training and open flying in the evening, and Thursday – evening, from mid May through early September. In addition to flying at the airport, several members also fly at lakes where float or amphibious models are flown from the water.

During the winter months the club meets the second Tuesday of each month for a meeting which in addition to the discussion of club business normally includes some form of demonstration along with kit/model reviews.

Visitors/spectators are always welcome at our flying sites as well as our club meetings.

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