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Equipment Rentals for all your needs

  • Sign set-up (6 Signs) and Additional Signs
  • Cones/Candlesticks
  • Light Towers
  • Message Boards
  • Arrow Boards
  • Arrow boards
  • Type III barricades
  • Small barricades
  • Barrels/Drums
  • Uniformed Police Officers (required in all lighted intersections)

  • If required to rent supplemental signage/equipment from a third-party vendor, customer will be responsible for the total cost of the rental plus 15%.
  • Note: A cancellation fee on equipment rentals is $250.00, waived with a 12-hour advance notification.
  • Billing is weekly and terms are net fifteen (15) days.
  • All RCE Traffic Control Flaggers are certified and trained under the guidelines of the Washington State Department of Transportation.
  • RCE Traffic Control also provides qualified Traffic Control Supervisors.
  • RCE Traffic Control provides dispatching services for the purpose of employee scheduling and General Contractors required services.
  • RCE Traffic Control also provides Traffic Control Plans.

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