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at RCE Traffic Control

SAFETY always comes first!

Clear Communication is the key to safety

So you want to be a Certified

RCE Safety Flagger?

That's awesome! We always welcome new flaggers to apply with us.

Before you head right to the application, lets go over the RCE Certified Flagger Hiring Checklist!

You will need the following equipment:

  • Valid ID/Drivers License
  • Social Security Card/ Certified Birth Certificate
  • Valid Safety Flagger Certification Card
  • 24" Stop/Slow paddle
  • Retro-reflective vest (day time- ANSI/ISEA Class 2; night time- ANSI/ISEA Class 3)
  • Hard Hat (solid colors: white, yellow, orange, or red)
  • Boots (work or hiking type)
  • Whistle
  • Two-Way Radios


We at RCE know and understand that other companies can make Flagging a thankless job that leaves you out of the loop at times.

RCE doesn't leave its Flaggers out of the loop. We believe in full transparency when it comes to job details, pay rates and what is expected from and for you.

With that in mind, here are our current pay rates.

RCE Traffic Control pays

  • $13.00 an hour for regular flagging
  • $13.25 an hour for sign sets
  • $18.00 an hour for TCS jobs

We also will have occasional prevailing wage jobs for those who have earned their chance at them.

Once you've completed an application, we'll contact you for an in-person interview. We'll present you with and go over the employee packet, that includes some more paperwork for you to fill sign.

After you are hired, you'll likely be working the very next day!



RCE DOES NOT provide transportation to and from work sites.

This being said, having your own vehicle will benefit you as a dependable flagger.

Each flagger is responsible for their own transportation. Being a flagger includes the ability to go to multiple work sites, being able to get to meeting spots and then work sites, as well as being able to go to new work sites at a moment's notice. This is quite difficult and sometimes impossible if you rely on a friend/family member for transportation.

Limited transportation can lead to limited jobs and hours.

We are constantly needing reliable Flaggers, so don't limit yourself because we won't limit you on opportunities!

RCE Traffic Control, Inc. is committed to identifying and hiring the best employees and training them in the most effective methods and applications of Temporary Traffic Control.

Being safe and protecting the lives of our customers, our co-workers and the motoring public is our first, last and most important job.

From the first days on the job, our team members begin developing important skills. Our employees use their training every minute of the day, performing the skilled tasks required to maintain safe travel through all kinds of work zones.

Career Growth

Moreover, RCE team members can take part in continuing their education with a goal of achieving upward mobility in the company. Once they've earned a certain amount of hours and experience they can study to become a Traffic Control Supervisor and/or Traffic Control Planner


RCE Traffic Flaggers are subject to random drug testing. RCE has a ZERO TOLERANCE Drug policy.

Getting Certified