Service Positions

Doing service as a couple helps to enrich our recovery and become self-supporting through our own contributions. Through these positions, we learn to work together as a team.

Just as the traditions state, our service leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.

In this meeting, we rotate service positions every 6 months giving couples the opportunity to learn new positions and new ways to reach out to the group and community.

Lead Couple

Suggested Experience: Attend 6 meetings

Each week, we ask a different couple to lead the meeting.

  • Reads from the leadership script and asks different couples at the meeting to handle various readings during the meeting.
  • May coordinate with Secretary couple to ensure meeting materials will be available.

Phone List Couple

Suggested Experience: Attend 6 meetings

Update Phone List

  • At each meeting a phone list sign-up sheet is passed around, the Phone List Couple are to use the sign-up sheet to create/update the phone list periodically.

Check with Absent Couples

  • If a couple hasn’t been to an RCA meeting for an extended period (3-6 months), the Phone List Couple will call them to find out if they would like to remain on the list.

Resupply Phone List

  • When physical copies of the phone list are getting few in number, the Phone List Couple will print new ones to resupply the meeting.

Fellowship Couple

Suggested Experience : Attend 6 meetings

  • Finds recovery friendly restaurants for gathering after the meeting.
  • Coordinates with other couples to create special events such as retreats, holiday parties, or cookie exchanges, etc.

Greeter Couple

Suggested Experience : Attend 3 months

  • Reaches out to newcomer couples after the meeting to answer or relay any questions they may have about the program.
  • Reaches out to couples who have missed 3 weeks of meetings to offer a couple-to-couple outreach call.

Literature Couple

Suggested Experience: 3 months of attendance

Welcomes Newcomers

  • The Literature Couple welcomes newcomers during the meeting and presents them with a Welcome Chip and a Newcomer Pamphlet.

Keep Track of Couple Anniversaries

  • When new members visit the meeting, the Literature Couple will write down their anniversary date in the provided sheet.
  • The Literature Couple will keep track of Couple Anniversaries on the provided sheet.

Presents Chips

  • The Literature Couple presents anniversary chips during the meeting when prompted by the lead couple.

Purchases New Materials

  • When new materials are needed, the Literature Couple will purchase these materials and will be reimbursed by the Treasurer Couple in one of two ways:
    • Purchase the materials and present a receipt to the Treasurer Couple for reimbursement.
    • Add items to the RCA shopping cart and print the total (including tax and shipping) and present it to the Treasurer Couple for payment in advance.

Secretary Couple

Suggested Experience: 6 months of attendance

  • Unlocks / Sets up the meeting room.
  • Keeps group informed of events and information from World Service.
  • Carries the meeting materials each week or coordinates with another couple to take the materials in their absence.

Treasurer Couple

Suggested Experience requirement: 1 year of attendance + atleast one partner has worked through step 6 in their individual program.

Collects Funds at the Meeting

  • At each meeting the Treasurer Couple will collect and record the 7th tradition income and any literature purchases using the supplied Treasurer Form.

Report Funds at the Meeting

  • At each meeting the Treasurer Couple will report on funds collected during the meeting, expenses paid, and the running total of the treasury.

Keeping Collected Funds Safe

  • As Treasurer Couple, your duty is to take home the funds collected and keep the funds safe.
  • Only bring at most $40 to the meeting, unless reimbursing purchases.

Pay the Meeting’s Rent

  • Rent must be paid on the First of the Month and may be paid in advance.
  • Rent may be given to the Office in the Central Courtyard or mailed to:
    • First Congregational Church 2131 N Van Ness Blvd, Fresno, CA 93704
  • Make Checks to “First Congregational Church” and in Memo, notate “RCA Rent [Months Paid]”.

Reimburse Expenses

  • The Treasurer Couple reimburses the Literature Couple for material purchases.
  • The Treasurer Couple reimburses themselves for rent/World Service payments made.

Maintains Prudent Reserve

  • A prudent reserve is set to maintain our treasury, so that expenses of rent and literature will be covered. As Treasurer Couple you will make sure we do not go below our prudent reserve of 3 months rent.

Make Donations to the World Service Office

  • When our meeting determines it is willing to do so, you will send a check to the RCA World Service Office, along with the supplied WSO Donation Form