Bruce Helbig

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Course Management & Club Management References

Former Employer (Golf Club Director)

Please accept this as my unequivocal endorsement of Bruce Helbig. I have known Bruce for approximately 25 years, and during this time Bruce has held positions in both the Haileybury Golf Club and the New Liskeard Golf Club, as General Manager and Golf Professional.

During his years at Haileybury Golf Club, Bruce effectively turned a mediocre 9-hole golf course into the most scenic and challenging course in our area. He spearheaded a campaign to improve the playability and enjoyment of this course by the implementation of an irrigation system and other course improvements such as the leveling of fairways and bringing the greens to a never-before-seen level of play. Bruce further revamped the Pro Shop and Club House with cosmetic and structural improvements that brought them into the 21st century.

After nearly 10 years at Haileybury, Bruce moved on to the New Liskeard Golf Course where he set upon a similar agenda that has seen an improvement in the marketability of NLGC to the public, as a premier 18-hole golf course, that draws players from incredible distances to play our tournaments, or to just enjoy an 18-hole course that challenges all levels of skill.

As a former Director of Tournaments at NLGC, I can certainly attest to Bruce's past commitment to golf in our area. He is an outstanding player who holds the NLGC course record and has won our club championship and our Men’s Civic Tournament on numerous occasions. I personally have received several lessons from Bruce as a golf pro and can again attest to his professionalism, teaching style, and being able to work with my less than perfect swing. The results I obtained from these sessions far exceeded my expectations, and certainly increased my enjoyment of the game.

It is for these and many more reasons that I believe Bruce Helbig will be a valuable addition to the management team of any course that he works for.

Burl Regan

Former Director, New Liskeard Golf Club

New Liskeard, Ontario

Former Client (Golf Club Member), Former Employee in Golf Industry, Former Student

I had the pleasure of working with Bruce Helbig for three years on the resurrection of my once reasonably competent golf game and, in that capacity, found his teaching methods to be exceptional and effective.

I was a former assistant pro who gave up the game for over 38 years, and Bruce has done much to bring back some of my former skills.

As a member of the New Liskeard Golf Club, I have also been able to observe Bruce's general managerial skills which showed insight, proactive planning and competent follow-through.

Lastly, for someone who worked in the golf industry in days of yore, I can say that Bruce’s running of the pro shop and its business was exemplary and very satisfying to the club members.

A very competent professional.

Owen J R Smith, QC

Smith Contant McBride

New Liskeard, Ontario

Former Employer (Golf Club President), Former Student

Bruce has a keen interest in many things and a love for all aspects of the game of golf. He was one of the elite golfers in our area for nearly thirty years.

His greatest attribute as a teacher of the game was his ability to observe. His humor and dedication towards improving my putting is something I will always remember. Golfers who were serious about improving their game knew Bruce could hone their skills.

We will miss Bruce in our area as a golf course manager as he was successful in implementing many improvements that made for a smoother running golf course. Personally, I will miss Bruce as a friend.

Stu Pollock

Former President, New Liskeard Golf Club

Coaching References

Former Student (All-American Status)

I have known Bruce since a very young age and we have become very great friends over the years. From the time I wanted to take golf seriously, Bruce was right beside educating me with his insights on the game of golf, and encouraging me with his supportive words. The lessons he taught me on the course were transferable into everyday life and a lot of what I learned from Bruce I still apply today.

His coaching techniques weren’t “cookie cutter,” like most these days. He recognized my strengths and my learning style and he taught accordingly. I learned the most important aspects of the game, how to get the ball in the hole and how to have fun doing it.

It wasn’t about the perfect golf swing, it was about “your own” perfect golf swing and what worked best for you. Bruce had so much knowledge of the game and of the swing that he used totally different teaching methods from one person to the next. It was through these methods that I learned to play high caliber golf and compete on a National and International level as a junior golfer.

Growing up in Northern Ontario, it is very difficult to get the exposure needed to continue a golf career beyond that of a junior but Bruce made sure that would not be the case for me. From days where he would take me to Toronto (a 5 hour drive!) to meet influential people in the golf industry, to recommendations and references to some of the most prestigious amateur golf tournaments all over Canada, Bruce made sure I had all the tools necessary to control my own destiny.

Even after moving away to play golf at a US College, Bruce never failed to keep track on my progress and give me guidance when needed. After a great college career with 10 tournament victories and All-American Honors, I decided to follow my life-long dream to turn professional and play on the mini tours in the Southern US. All of this made possible by one of the most influential people I have ever met on or off the course. If it wasn’t for Bruce Helbig, I would not be doing what I love to do every single day.

Brandon Christo

All-American Golfer

Former Student, Former Client (Golf Club Member)

I have known Bruce Helbig for thirty years and accessed his abilities in all aspects of golf many times. Bruce is an excellent teacher. He makes golf friendly and fun for all ages.

I have witnessed Bruce's management abilities at two golf courses where I have held membership. His acute business acumen has resulted in positive results for both ventures.

Bruce is well respected in the golfing community in Ontario. He has represented himself and the organisations he worked for with the utmost grace and respect.

Bruce is an absolute advocate of the game and the challenges facing it today.

Bruce respects the rules that have governed the game for centuries but has been innovative before it was fashionable in ideas such as forward tees to maintain interest and membership.

I have enjoyed Bruce's company on the golf course as a friend in regular weekly competitions, (foursomes), which are the backbone of the game. These occasions were so enjoyable, I would include them in the best times of my life. Camaraderie, friendship, laughter and honesty are paramount in Bruce's' life and make spending time with him something everyone finds precious.

Dennis Howard, District President

OSSTF, Ontario North East

Haileybury, Ontario

Former Student, Golf Club President

I have known Bruce for more than 25 years. As a longtime client, I know his skills as a manager and coach - he would be a major asset to any golf course. He is an extremely presentable, pleasant and courteous person, with the patience and teaching skills to work with golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Robin Connelly

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Former Student

I have had the privilege of knowing Bruce most of my young life on and around the Northern Ontario golf community.

Many young golfers like myself have looked to Bruce for guidance in the development of their golf game. As a junior golfer, I had many conversations on and off the range with Bruce over the years. His experience and his straightforward approach is always appreciated and I feel helped me improve and excel at this game.

Bruce has been a very important person in the golf industry in Northern Ontario for many decades and I am fortunate to be able to call him a friend. His knowledge and professionalism is first class, and his ability to help his students improve will not go unnoticed.

Thanks for all your help over the years, Bruce.

Owen Rigg

Former NCAA Division 1 Golfer

Timmins, Ontario

Former Student, Former Client (Golf Club Member)

I have known Bruce for the past 25 years while living in Haileybury, Ontario. I have dealt with Bruce as a member of the Haileybury golf course and have had great dealings over the years. My son Jonathan was very fortunate to have Bruce to mentor him in his junior golf days and it has paid dividends towards making him a much better person today.

On a business side, I worked with Bruce when I sponsored many golf events and supplied his golf shop with food for resale.

I highly recommend Bruce as he will be a great asset to any club that hires him. I wish Bruce all the luck and I am sure the community will embrace him once they see the expertise that he brings.

Michel Trottier

Toronto, Ontario