Bruce Helbig

RBH Golf

All Business Experience

Business Experience Overview


Golf Courses, Clubhouse/Event Spaces, Pro Shops  ⁘  1993-2011  ⁘  18 years

Golf Pro Shops & Retail  ⁘  1993-2014  ⁘  20 years

Sales & Service

Golf Pro Shops & Retail  ⁘  1993-2014  ⁘  20 years

Life Insurance  ⁘  2004-2006  ⁘  2 years

Auto Industry  ⁘  2015-2022  ⁘  7 years

Events Producer, Fundraiser

Golf Courses, Clubs, Organizations  ⁘  1993-2008  ⁘  15 years

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Golf Courses & Pro Shops  ⁘  1993-2011  ⁘  18 years

Trucking Industry  ⁘  1989-1991  ⁘  2 years

Golf Industry Experience

Professional Golfer


Participated in over 40 professional tournaments.  Selected professional tournament finishes include:

Amateur Competitor



Won over 100 amateur tournaments, including:

Golf Course Management


General Manager and Head Pro

New Liskeard Golf Club (New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada)



In charge of all facets of daily operations of this 18-hole course.  Managed 20 employees.


Pro Shop Management Highlights & Revenue Increase





General Manager

Haileybury Golf Club (Haileybury, Ontario, Canada)



In charge of all facets of daily operations of this 9-hole course.  Managed 16 employees.


Financials & Increased Revenue



Private Golf Coach, 1994-2014

Coached numerous golfers - adults and children, amateurs and professionals, in individual personalized instruction and group lessons.

New Liskeard Club

Haileybury Club

Retail Sales


RBH Golf

Owner/Manager of Pro Shop at Haileybury Golf Club, 1994-2003

Manager of Pro Shop at New Liskeard Golf Club, 2009-2011

Conducted retail sales, performed club repair and custom fittings.


Edwin Watts Golf Shop

Assistant Manager, 2013-2014 (Mobile, AL)

Second highest grossing sales associate.

Events Producer & Charity Fundraiser


Frogs Breath Annual Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament

For 6 years, produced this large pro-am tournament, and functioned as liaison between the Frogs Breath Committee and PGA Tour Canada.  Tournament raised over $7 million in 6 years.  Proceeds funded local projects such as:

Amateur Tournaments at New Liskeard and Haileybury Golf Courses

Produced over 600 amateur golf tournaments (over 40 tournaments per year, over a 15 year period), many for charitable causes such as Victims in Crisis Assistance, the Cancer Society and others.

Portfolio of Golf Course Management & Renovation