CFX How To Get Started


1. Join CFX free with a sponsor link, this can be obtained from the person who told you about this opportunity.

Create a username and password, your username will be your sponsor link name.

2. You will need a cryptopay account, this will help you convert your money into digital currency and convert digital currency into money.


3. You need an Exodus wallet, this is were you keep your digital currency before you transfer it to your CFX account and you can transfer money from your CFX account to your Exodus wallet.


4. CFX has very good security, to login you need a (Google Authenticator app) you can download it for Android or Iphone.

When you join CFX you get a control panel, your Google Authenticator number will be there, you can copy the number and put it in your Google Authenticator app that is on your phone.


5. Login into your CFX account and decide what level pack you want CFX to trade with.

You get payed every saturday into your CFX account.