Mirrors: LGBTQ+ South Asian Voices

Rangoli was created to connect LGBTQ+ South Asians to one another and celebrate our diversity with each other. With our Spring 2018 publication, Mirrors: An LGBTQ+ South Asian Anthology, we wanted to be able to uplift the voices of a community who do not normally see themselves or their experiences reflected in the mainstream stories we hear around us every day. It serves as a means of self-expression and self-love that mirrors our own identities and reflect our experiences as people who are wholly LGBTQ+ and wholly South Asian.

take a peek inside our process below:


the meeting

It's an age old joke: Four LGBTQ+ South Asians walk into a coffeeshop and...decide to create a publication?? We met during the summer of 2017, hungry and eager to meet others like ourselves and try and find a place for people like us in the city of Pittsburgh. We wanted to create something that would collect our stories and our voices.


We put out a call for submissions in September of 2017, and started the process of finding our contributors. We knew very early on we wanted to find people who had some tie to Pittsburgh, but we wanted to keep the medium very broad, so we received submissions of photography, poetry, and prose. We also had a photography project that we worked on as editors, to showcase the intersectionality of our identities.


We launched our crowdfunding campaign in March 2018 with the hopes of raising $1000, the bare minimum of what we thought we would need to get this project off the ground. We blew past that goal within three days of the campaign. With support from both community organizations and individual donors, we raised over $1600 to create a space and a home for LGBTQ+ South Asians in Pittsburgh. See the full list of sponsors inside the book, and check out our platinum sponsors below.

launch party

Our launch party, held in May of 2018, was a way for us to celebrate and share our book with our Pittsburgh community, and thank everyone that donated to make the book happen. It was held at the City of Asylum in the Northside of Pittsburgh, and we had readings from our contributors as well as some sponsors speak to an audience of over 50 people.

Thank you to our platinum sponsors!