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GAME SCHEDULES HERE (Subject to change - accurate as of Mar 1)

INFO SLIDES from RamSoccer Informational Meeting (Feb 25)

Any questions, problems, suggestions or donations: contact Coach Shepard

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Info from Meeting - RAMSOCCER Spring 2021


Topic: Booster Club

Audience: Parents interested in helping

Date: TBA

Time: TBA


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RamSoccer Update - as of Feb 20, 2021, 3pm

[All info is subject to sudden change. It is the time of Covid.]

Thanks to a huge effort from Dr. Cleveland, and her staff, on behalf of our student athletes, RRPS will have sports again!!! She deserves our thanks - not every district has the support we do.

It’s not going to be a “normal” season, but we are going to play!!!

Nothing will be “normal” this season: how we practice, how teams are decided, how games are played, who we play, how line-ups are made, how uniforms are used, how funds are raised, and everything else. Sometimes it will not seem "fair" and it will be frustrating. We are going to be patient and positive and power through. But we do get to play soccer!!!

QUICK INFO: [scroll down for details]

All RamSoccer activities are only for athletes who have been cleared by the Athletic Office (paperwork, etc.)

Week of Feb 22-26: Optional Pre-Season Training, in 4-1 pods (as we have been doing); sign-up HERE

Thur Feb 25, 6:30pm: Informational Meeting (virtual) for Parents and Players (read website first); meeting link will be posted on this site

March 1 - Official start of soccer season!

Week of Mar 1 - 6: Required practice for anyone who wants to play this season (still in 4-1 pods); players attend their scheduled sessions; includes Saturday sessions; player evaluation officially begins

Week of Mar 8 - 13: Regular (full) practice can begin; teams chosen; GAMES begin!

DON’T GET COVID!!! One positive test can shut us down! Be smart; be unselfish; be anti-social; so we can play soccer! More than ever, we really have to think TEAM FIRST.


TRAINING / PRACTICES: Starting on Feb 22, for 14 days we are in the State-mandated “acclimation period,” so we have to continue in our 4-1 pods at practice. Hopefully on Mar 8 we can be back to full practices just in time for games. Feb 22-26 sessions are still pre-season and therefore optional. Starting March 1, all sessions are in-season and therefore required. For that first required week - Mar 1-5 - we will still be in 4-1 pods, so there will be a schedule posted.

NO CAMP: Since we are still restricted to small pods, we will not have a Pre-Season Camp, just regular training sessions.

TEAMS: We will have a JV and a Varsity. Teams will be selected by the coaching staff. There will probably be some overlap (floaters) between JV and Varsity. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play this Spring.

GAMES: We will play 10 games, to start the week of Mar 8. Opponents are TBD. State Tournament is TBD.

GAME LIMIT: There is a 10-game limit for each player for the season. Any club games played during the season count against that limit - this has always been the rule, it's just a smaller number this year. All players will be open and honest about their club play. (If we use an ineligible player, we forfeit all games he played in.)

PARENTS: By allowing your son to play for RRHS Soccer, you are agreeing to abide by and support the decisions made by the coaching staff on behalf of your son. If your son makes a team, you agree to support the teams, the other players, and the coaches, both on and off the field. Remember: playing soccer at RRHS is a privilege and not a right. If you do not trust the coaching staff with your son, please take him out of our program.

Latest info from NMAA HERE

Questions, problems, suggestions, and donations: Please email Coach Shep at

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All RamSoccer families are expected to be open and honest about travel and club play.

There will be forms to fill out and rules to sign at a later date.

Please email Coach Shepard with any issues, information, questions, donations, etc. at

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SOCCER CALENDAR NEWS!!! (updated Feb 21)

NEW SEASON! The NMAA put out a new calendar for sports in the Spring (HERE).

Basically, the soccer season is now scheduled to start on March 1, with the State Tournament April 5-10.

There will be some overlap with other sports. (Look at this version of the calendar.) A player can start another sport as soon as the soccer season is over.

As I have told many of the guys, this will be a strange, shortened season, but we are going to adapt and overcome and make the best of it. We have a great group of young men who will push through any obstacles we will face.

Please email me ( with any questions or concerns.


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THANK YOU SENIORS of the Class of 2021!!!

(Click HERE for more!)


Click HERE for link to upload paperwork

Clinic for walk-in PHYSICALS - click NextCare Rio Rancho

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RAMSOCCER Spring 2021 INFO (updated Feb 21)

What YOU need to participate - Physicals and more

Check back often!!!

And get on the Team App (see below).

Scroll farther down for a FITNESS PLAN

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In order to facilitate communication among Coaches, Players, and Parents, RamSoccer has a new Team App!

The new RamSoccer Team App does not replace the website for information about the program, it is for ease of communication (necessary during these times).

Click for our new Team App for quick info and updates!

Or follow these instructions:

1 - Download Team App (for free) from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

2 - Register on the app

3 - Search for our app - Rio Rancho High School Boys Soccer

4 - On our app, sign up for the team "Spring Season 2021"

5 - Turn on NOTIFICATIONS (under Settings on both phone and app)

We will approve new members as quickly as we can, but it may take a few hours or even a day or two.

As things change this season (which they undoubtedly will), we will send out important notifications through this app. All info will also be posted on our website (, just not as quickly.

If you have problems, questions, suggestions, or information, please email Coach Shepard at or call/text at 505-896-4042 (identify yourself, please)

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- Follow this 8-week plan and you'll be ready for the season

- If you are already somewhat fit and you want to DOMINATE, start with Intermediate or Advanced

What do YOU bring to the team?