Visualization and Visual Analytics


The above image is by Pexels from Pixabay.

On 14 May 2020, a lead scientist of the Scottish COVID-19 Response Consortium (SCRC, one of the RAMP teams) first e-met one UK VIS/VA scientist (who answered the RAMP's for volunteers in April) to discuss the visualization support for the modelling effort. On 15 May, a call for VIS/VA volunteers was sent to all VIS/VA academics in the UK and a number of VIS/VA researchers and developers in the industry. By the end of May, 22 VIS/VA volunteers joined the SCRC. Within two weeks, they were grouped into seven teams. There are currently 29 VIS/VA volunteers in the group.

  • Dr. Alfie Abdul-Rahman, King's College London

  • Dr. Daniel Archambault, Swansea University

  • Dr. Roger Beecham, University of Leeds

  • Dr. Benjamin Bach, University of Edinburgh

  • Dr. Rita Borgo, King's College London

  • Professor Min Chen, University of Oxford

  • Professor Jason Dykes, City, University of London

  • Dr. Hui Fang, Loughborough University

  • Dr. Euan Freeman, University of Glasgow

  • Elif Firat, Nottingham University

  • Dr. Radu Jianu, City, University of London

  • Professor Nigel W. John, University of Chester

  • Dr. Saiful Khan, Horus Security Consultancy Ltd. / University of Oxford

    • Dr. Khan received a RAMP Early Career Investigator Award (RECIA) from the Royal Society for his contributions to the RAMP programme.
  • Dr. Robert S Laramee, Nottingham University

  • Dr. Stella Mazeri, University of Edinburgh

  • Benjamin Nash, AWE

  • Dr. Phong H. Nguyen, Red Sift Ltd.

  • Dr. Helen C. Purchase, University of Glasgow

  • Dr. Alma Rahat, Swansea University

  • Dr. Dylan Rees, Swansea University

  • Dr. Panagiotis Ritsos, Bangor University

  • Professor Jonathan Roberts, Bangor University

  • James Scott-Brown, University of Edinburgh

  • Dr. Aidan Slingsby, City, University of London

  • Dr. William Teahan, Bangor University

  • Dr. Thomas Torsney-Weir, Swansea University

  • Dr. Cagatay Turkay, Warwick University

  • Dr. Franck Vidal, Bangor University

  • Qiru Wang, Nottingham University

  • Tianci Wen, Bangor University

  • Professor Jo Wood, City, University of London

  • Dr. Kai Xu, Middlesex University London

If you would like to join us by volunteering your knowledge and skills in areas of visualization and visual analytics, please email Min Chen (University of Oxford).