I am a postdoctoral researcher in Weizmann Institute of Science, advised by Zvika Brakerski. I completed my Ph.D. under the Joint degree programme of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and National University of Singapore, advised by Professors Manindra Agrawal and Divesh Aggarwal. Before coming to Weizmann Institute, I was a research fellow at Center for Quantum Technologies, NUS.

Email ids: rjndr2503 (at) gmail (dot) com

Upcoming talks: Georgetown University (16th Sept.), CWI, Netherlands (30th Sept.)

Research Interest:

Theoretical Computer Science, specifically, Lattices in Computer Science, Post-Quantum Cryptography and Hardness of Approximation.

Recent News

  • D. Aggarwal, H. Bennett, A. Golovnev, N. Stephens-Davidowitz and I are organizing a workshop on "Fine-grained hardness and Cryptography" at IIT Madras (part of FSTTCS22 pre-conference workshops) on 17th Dec 2022.

  • Joined Zvika Brakerski's group at Weizmann Institute of Science as a Post-doctoral fellow.

  • A paper on Covert Authentication from Lattice was accepted to ACNS 2022.

  • Faster Quantum Algorithm for SVP in QRAM. Check out the draft. Presented at QIP 2022. [Video]

Research Papers:

  1. Lattice Problems in General Norms: Algorithms with Explicit Constants, Dimension-Preserving Reductions, and More.

with Huck Bennett, Yanlin Chen, Zeyong Li, and Spencer Peters.

In Submission.

  1. Why we couldn't prove SETH hardness of CVP for even norms!

with Divesh Aggarwal.

In Submission.

  1. Covert Authentication from Lattices. [eprint][paper]

with Khoa Nguyen.

ACNS 2022.

  1. Improved Classical and Quantum Algorithms for the Shortest Vector Problem via Bounded Distance Decoding. [arXiv][Talk@QIP'22]

with Divesh Aggarwal, Yanlin Chen and Yixin Shen.

Contributed talk at the 25th Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2022).

In Submission.

  1. Dimension-Preserving Reductions Between SVP and CVP in Different p-Norms. [paper] [arXiv] [Talk @ SIGTACS, IITK] [Talk @ CQT]

with Divesh Aggarwal, Yanlin Chen, Zeyong Li and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz.

SODA 2021.

  1. Improved (Provable) Algorithms for the Shortest Vector Problem via Bounded Distance Decoding.[paper]

with Divesh Aggarwal, Yanlin Chen and Yixin Shen.

STACS 2021.

Invited to TOCS Special Issue for STACS 2021 (regretfully declined ).

  1. Hardness of Approximation of (Multi-)LCS over Small Alphabet. [paper] [arXiv] [Talk @ APPROX 2020]

with Amey Bhangale and Diptarka Chakraborty.

APPROX 2020.

  1. Cryptanalysis of 2-round KECCAK-384. [paper] [eprint]

with Nikhil Mittal and Shashank Singh.


  1. Cryptanalysis of 1-round KECCAK. [paper] [eprint]

with Mahesh Sreekumar Rajasree and Hoda AlKhzaimi.


  1. Maximum Distance Sub-Lattice Problem. [arXiv]

with Shashank K Mehta and Mahesh Sreekumar Rajasree.

Ph.D. Thesis:

Exponential Time/Space Algorithms and Reductions for Lattice Problems [Thesis]

Professional Service:

Reviewed papers for TCC-2018 , CCC-2020, ANTS-2020, EUROCRYPT-2021, ITC-2021, ISIT-2021, CRYPTO-2021, QIP-2022, STOC-2022, TQC-2022, ICALP-2022, ESA-2022, QCRYPT-2022, ASIACRYPT-2022, FSTTCS-2022 .