Working Papers

Fabregas, Raissa. “A Better School but a Worse Position? The Effects of Marginal School Admissions in Mexico City”.

Fabregas, Raissa. “Broadcasting Human Capital? The Long-Term Effects of Mexico’s Telesecundarias”.

Fabregas, Raissa, Michael Kremer, Matthew Lowes, Robert On and Giulia Zane. “Can SMS-Extension Increase Farmer Experimentation? Evidence from Six Experiments in East Africa”.

In Preparation

Fabregas, Raissa, Michael Kremer, Jonathan Robinson, and Frank Schilbach. “Netflix for Agriculture”

Policy Papers

Fabregas, R, Kremer, M, Robinson, J and Schilbach, F, 2017, Evaluating agricultural information dissemination in western Kenya, 3ie Impact Evaluation Report 67. New Delhi: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Martin Abel, Megan Blair, Raissa Fabregas, Kamilla Gumede, and Murray Leibbrandt. 2014. “Youth Employment in South Africa.” In Youth and Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Working but Poor, Pp. 356. Routledge.