Journal Articles

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Yokossi, Tite, Raissa Fabregas.“Mobile Money and Economic Activity: Evidence from Kenya World Bank Economic Review, 2022.

Working Papers

Fabregas, Raissa."Trade-offs of Attending Better Schools: Achievement, Self-Perceptions and Educational Trajectories" (Revisions requested at The Economic Journal)

Fabregas, Raissa. "Broadcasting Human Capital: The Long-Term Effects of Mexico's Telesecundarias" (Revisions requested at the Journal of Human Resources)

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Work in Progress

Carlana, Michela, Raissa Fabregas and Diana Moreira. "Tackling Stereotypes to Encourage Brazilian Math Talent"

Fabregas, Raissa and Jack Willis. "Documenting and Understanding Frictions in Information Diffusion: Evidence from smallholder farmers in Kenya"

Chen Qize, Raissa Fabregas, Sara Lowes and Heather Sarsons. "Affirmative Action and Antisocial Behavior in the Workplace"

Bobonis, Gustavo, Raissa Fabregas, Orlando Sotomayor and Roman Zarate "Enhancing socio-emotional skills through the school system: Evidence from a teacher training program in Puerto Rico"

Book Chapters

Fabregas, R, Kremer, M, Harigaya, T and Ramrattan, R. 2022. "Digital Agricultural Extension for Development". An Introduction to Development Engineering. Springer.

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Policy Papers and Other Reports

Canedo, A, Fabregas, R and Morris M. 2020 “Emergency Cash Transfers During COVID-19: Implementation Lessons for the Global South”. In Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19: A policy toolkit.

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