Working Papers

Fabregas, Raissa. “A Better School but a Worse Position? The Effects of Marginal School Admissions in Mexico City”.

Fabregas, Raissa, Michael Kremer, Matthew Lowes, Robert On and Giulia Zane. “SMS-Extension and Farmer Behavior: Lessons from Six Experiments in East Africa”.

Work in Progress

Fabregas, Raissa. "Broadcasting Education: The Effects of Mexico's Telesecundarias" .

Carlana, Michela, Raissa Fabregas and Diana Moreira. "Tackling Stereotypes to Encourage Brazilian Math Talent"

Cole, Shawn, Raissa Fabregas, Nilesh Fernando and Hee Kwon Seo. “Agricultural Extension, Technology Adoption and Information Spillovers: Evidence from a Cluster Randomized Experiment”

Policy Papers

Fabregas, R, Kremer, M, Robinson, J and Schilbach, F, 2017, Evaluating agricultural information dissemination in western Kenya, 3ie Impact Evaluation Report 67. New Delhi: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Abel, Martin, Megan Blair, Raissa Fabregas, Kamilla Gumede, and Murray Leibbrandt. 2014. “Youth Employment in South Africa.” In Youth and Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Working but Poor, Pp. 356. Routledge.