The research is lead by a team of experts from two of Canada's premiere universities. Dr. Michael Hendry and Dr. Renato Macciotta (University of Alberta) and Dr. Jean Hutchinson (Queen's University) are internationally renowned experts in geotechnical engineering and direct and coordinate the research activities, making this a cross-Canada collaboration effort. Through the research project, highly qualified personnel (HQP) are trained and are actively engaged in the development of the latest technology for monitoring and assessing ground hazard risks. The HQP work directly with geotechnical engineers from CN, CP, Transport Canada and the Geological Survey of Canada, encouraging the transfer and implementation of technology into industrial practice. The interaction between the HQP and Transport Canada result in an enhanced awareness of policy by the HQP and evaluation of the research findings by Transport Canada as the projects progress. The RGHRP inspires truly exceptional collaborative research between industry and academia across the nation.