Raghabendra Pratap KC

I am Raghabendra Pratap KC, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rollins College, an Associate Researcher at the Cambridge Judge Business School and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Chulalongkorn University.

My research interest lies in investigating social influences in behavioral decision making of consumers and firms. In particular, my research explores themes like competition, social comparison, trust, fairness and reciprocity in individual and interactive decision making. Recently, my projects have also explored participative pricing mechanisms, cost transparency, post-purchase search, and habit formation. My research integrates insights from marketing, experimental economics, and social psychology. I use lab, lab-in-field, and field experimentation as methodologies.

My teaching interests lie in marketing, consumer behaviour, and strategic decision making. I have taught both small and large audiences ranging between undergraduates and Executive MBA participants. My experience includes course design, course coordination, teaching and supervision.

Next to research and teaching, I am a partner at Anvaya Consultants and I have previously served as an academic consultant for commercial and not-for-profit firms in the UK, US and Nepal.

Raghabendra Pratap KC

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Rollins College

Research Associate, Cambridge Judge Business School

Visiting Professor (Summer Terms), Chulalongkorn University

Co-Founder and Consultant, Anvaya Consultants

Preferred Email: raghabendrakc@gmail.com

Institutional Emails: rk492@cam.ac.uk