Special Events

Competition & Tests


There are different competitions and tests conducted every year such as

  1. Islamic Quiz Competition (Jeopardy Style)

  2. Qiraat Competition

  3. Speech Competition

  4. Mid-Term Exams

  5. Final Exams

There are several Events in the school year such as:

  1. Isra-wal-Miraj

  2. Milad-un-Nabi

  3. Yaum-e-Ashura

  4. Annual Day Celebration

Islamic Quiz Competition

Islamic Quiz Competition (Jeopardy Style) is an incredibly fun, and helpful way for students to test their skills and learn new ones too. All the categories are based on the classes. See "Subjects" for more information for the classes


Isra wal Miraj is an important program that teaches this very important event in history to students. It is mainly an interactive presentation, filled with a lot of details that are sure to hook up a student's interests. This program is entirely dedicated to Prophet Muhammad (S)'s voyage into the heavens.

Qiraat Competion

The Qiraat Competition operates in a unique way. Students are asked to read a surah in their best possible voice. Qualified judges score the students, and there is a runner up and a winner. Both get trophies. The winner gets to represent the academy on external Qirat Competitions.


To celebrate the blessed, holy birth of our own Nabi, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., we do an event in which people, including students, recite speeches, Naats/Nasheeds, and much more. Anyone who would like to participate can step right up on stage. Our students are also invited to several external events.

Inter-School Quiz Competition

The winners of the school Quiz competition also qualify to compete in a tri-state school event. In there, they compete with the students from other schools


Yaum-e-Ashura is a day to reflect on the martyrdom of Imam e Hussain R.A. and his family. During this event, students present the details of what happened in Karbala. We also reflect on additional important events that transpired on this day.


The Mid-Term Exams take place in January

Final Exams

The ultimate test in all of Radiant Academy's Sunday School. This test is a major factor in determining the pupil's final grade and is conducted in June

Annual Picnic

The annual picnic is a fun, memorable experience where our students get together and they get their final results and grades and awards from their competitions. Goody bags too!!!

Events Calendar

Click Here for a one-page agenda of all the special events and holidays for the current Radiant Academy school year.