Subjects in Radiant Academy include:

  1. Aqaaid - System of Beliefs

  2. Quran - Duas, Memorization, Tajweed, Rules

  3. Sunnah - Islamic Rules, Practices, & Traditions

  4. Islamic History - Prophets, Sahabas, Awliya, Key Events

  5. Akhlaaq - Behavior, Character, Ethics and Morality

Below, there is a more advanced description of all the subjects


At Radiant Academy, Aqaaid is the beliefs, such as the existence of Allah (SWT), the fact that Prophet Muhammad (S) did not have a shadow, Prophet Suleyman (AS) could communicate to animals, The Day of Judgement, and Isra wal Miraj. Without believing in all these, a Muslim cannot have true faith


At Radiant Academy, Quran is composed of Surah memorization, Tajweed rules, Duas, Surah Translations, and other Quran Related curriculum. The Holy Quran gives guidance to all Muslims and reveals the light of Islam. Radiant Academy utilizes the Quran to enrich every student's mind with Islamic wisdom.


Sunnah is the actions that the Prophet SAW preferred to do. As a result, it is highly reccommended to follow the Sunnah of our beloved Nabi SAW. At Radiant Academy, there is curriculum into transforming your child from an ordinary Muslim, to an extraordinary Muslim. Sunnah drastically increases the chances of getting into Paradise, so in order for all our students to sustain in both worlds, we teach and establish Sunnah to them


History at Radiant Academy is mainly dedicated to Prophets, Sahabas, important companions, key figures, and important days. History is a powerful way for students at Radiant Academy to learn important lessons and morals. Islamic History helps strengthen Aakhlaq and Aqaaid. Finally, it helps build wisdom as a Muslim


At Radiant Academy, Akhlaaq is purely dedicated to manners and morality, as well as how to act in daily life. Good manners are crucial and play an important role in Islam. This includes children greeting their parents, how they treat others, and how to act as a Muslim. At Radiant Academy, we make sure to fill our students minds with the meanings of Akhlaaq.