About Us

Who We Are

Radiant Academy is founded on the belief that proper knowledge and regular practice of Islamic teachings helps create Taqwa (Piety/Fear) of Allah S.W.T. in our students' hearts. This coupled with the love of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. leads to Allah S.W.T. favoring us in this life, and ultimately to the most desired destination of the Hereafter, i.e., Paradise. Radiant Academy is committed to leading our generation on the true path of Islam through the Holy Qur’an and the example of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Why Us?

The main goal of Radiant Academy is to enrich children with the wisdom of Islam in daily life. The Day of Judgement is nearing, and so all of us need to strengthen our connection with the one God and his final Messenger to mankind. Radiant Academy not only builds Islam in daily life, but it also helps improve relations with others with the wisdom the students gain. We have been running this program successfully since the last 5 years Alhamdulillah.

Our Goals

  1. To truly help our children understand and practice moderate Islam in their day to day lives in order to develop good morals and character

  2. To provide clarity and direction to our youth in this age of trials, confusions, and misguided ideologies

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