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University of West GEorgia Discipline-Centered Student Evaluation Questions

University of West GEorgia Instructor-Centered Student Evaluation Questions

Reflections on UWG Teaching Evaluations

At the University of West Georgia, student evaluations are divided into three categories based on the topic over which each centers: the student, the discipline, and the instructor.  I will not include student self-reflection responses here, but focus instead on disciplinary and instructor evaluations.

With a five-point maximum scale, students consistently rate me very highly in my UWG courses, in both disciplinary knowledge and course management.  I will strive to maintain student satisfaction in my courses as I continue my career at UWG.   While my numbers were slightly lower from the Spring of 2018, that data comes from an introductory general education American Government class, which traditionally gets lower student evaluation scores than those from major classes.  However, only in a few areas of student evaluation did my mean scores ever drop below a 4.0, the lowest mean score I have ever received at UWG is a 3.8.  The Fall 2020 American Government course evaluations were universally above 4.0 and approaching 5.0.  I note that these scores occurred during a hybrid online-in person semester when the University reopened from the COVID-19 pandemic.  To be rated highly by students during such a difficult time is a point of great pride.  

In evaluations of me, students have been very positive regardless of course or level.  My individual-student focus, introduction of best practices and adjustment to my teaching, and passion for the subject are, I believe, some of the driving factors behind my positive student evaluation scores.