EngageWest Scores

The University of West Georgia employs an annual employee satisfaction survey known as EngageWest. The EngageWest process surveys staff and faculty across the campus to determine attitudes and perceptions of leadership and strategic direction for the university. All department chairs are reviewed in the EngageWest process. I am proud to be rated by faculty and staff of my department highly, and competitively with other chairs on the UWG campus. In core leadership areas including working with faculty on personal development, confidence in my leadership ability, recognition of outstanding work, vision, sincerity, and communication I rate highly among departmental faculty in all areas.

Summary scores for Chapman Rackaway are below, with my 2018 scores in blue, 2019 scores in grey, and corresponding UWG scores for all department chairs are in orange and yellow. EngageWest was not administered in 2020, and retired for the 2021 academic year.