Rachel Hom

Strategic Branding + Experience Design for business and culture.

My goal is to spark inspiration.

Because inspiration sticks around when plans go south. Inspiration is universal and contagious. Whether it starts as a laugh, a thoughtful pause, or a growl, inspiration leads to action. Inspiration stands a chance at success in our messy world.

Call me the sassy conduit, champion, curator of inspiration.

I'm a creative strategist who develops inspiring brand ideas that create a sense of connection and motivate people on all sides.

I help agencies, organizations, and brands (both new or known), with Strategic Branding and Experience Design.

Strategic Branding is about honing clear ideas that will resonate with millions of people, while Experience Design demands the crafting of details that will affect each person profoundly.

Process on a Page

Whether working solo or powering up a team, it's my priority to get insights from the ground, share and seek collaboration, and ask great (sometimes provocative) questions—all to the soundtrack of friendly banter and killer work beats.

With any industry, product, or challenge, here's my approach to get the good stuff.

  1. Listening as a collaborative act that allows us to establish context, identify the challenge and poke at it a bit.
  2. I look for unique brand, audience, market, and cultural insights that become the springboard of the strategy. This means tuning into human insights by going on location to observe, talking to people, reading, and listening to the bigger conversation.
  3. Between the key insights is a sweet spot that’s sticky, relevant, and believable. In this ideation area, we'll make creative vehicles that represent win-win solutions.
  4. Define how to reach our audience, and when. Generating additional tools and assets now ensures that our audience can engage with us.
  5. Take in feedback to understand the impact of the work and how to improve. The strategy guides upcoming actions, or is adjusted to incorporate new offshoots.