Award Winners

Category Awards

Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Melissa Jacobi (A5) - Blurring the Lines of Anthropomorphism: Illustrated Stories of Animal Intellect, Ingenuity & Inspiration

2nd Place: Gesina Null (A17) - Colonization and Christian Art in Mesoamerica: The Mendicant Orders' Different Approaches to Conversion during Spanish Colonization

3rd Place: Karima Osman (A18) - Anecdotes of the Somali Diaspora Conveyed Through Poetry

Honorable Mention: Arturo Mireles, Todd Smith, Kevin Stanton, & Jocelyn Solis (A7) - Green Revolution: The Emerging American Hemp Market

Honorable Mention: Harrison Sokol (A21) - Trouble with the Trolleys: The Decline of Streetcar Use in Denver, 1919-1950

Biomedical Sciences

1st Place (tie): Kristen Jackson (B21) - Group B streptococcal surface adhesin protein promotes GBS interaction with cervicovaginal epithelium

1st Place (tie): Alyssa Salazar (B35) - iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocyte Model to Investigate Stretch-Responsive Signaling Pathways Involved in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

2nd Place: Anna Meunier and Olivia Gibson (B14) - Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism for early CDB research as indicated by anxious behavior

3rd Place: Linh Nguyen (B29) - Can personality explain individual differences in attentional capture?

Honorable Mention: Troy Hubert, Alyssa Hohorst, Margret Tanner, Kelsey Bonar, & Kelsey Abrams (B19) - Neural mechanisms of exercise-induced stress resilience in females

Honorable Mention (tie): Hannah Abroe (B2) - Inserting a FLAG-tag to the EcoRI Cloning Site on the Plasmid pCAGEN.

Honorable Mention (tie): Thomas Everett, Ryan Leman, & Hendrick Lopez-Beltran (B9) - Chronic synthetic cannabinoid administration may produce tolerance to the dopamine releasing effects of heroin

Natural & Physical Sciences

1st Place: Kathryn Harris, Raphael Hatami, & Judit Bergfalk (N15) - Visualizing the Evidence for Dark Matter

2nd Place: Tanja Kovacevic & Jillian Oviedo (N34) - Computational Molecular Dynamics of a Small Protein (HP36)

3rd Place: Annarose Phelps (N26) - Impacts on gut microbial communities following exposure to Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) from fire training area plumes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Honorable Mention: Emily Scott (N29) - Effect of Serotonin on Mating Success in Male Teleopsis dalmanni

Honorable Mention: Dmitri LeeNatali (N35) - A Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory study into the plasmonic resonance character of absorption spectra for small silver clusters (Ag₈, Ag₁₈, Ag₂₀)

Social Sciences

1st Place: Marcia Maxson (S19) - Farm-to-Future

2nd Place: Kate Fitch (S42) - Disparities in dangerousness: Quantifying differences in threat across race and mental health status groups during police lethal force events

3rd Place: Emily Barrington (S2) - Avoidant Coping Mediates the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Performance-Based Anxiety & Test Anxiety

Honorable Mention: Victoria Beresford (S3) - Does Prenatal Stress Affect Postpartum Depression of Mothers with a GG OTXR Genotype

Honorable Mention: Jada Lister (S16) - Biological Motion Perception: A Predictor of Individual Differences Within the Autism Phenotype

Honorable Mention: Tianyue Sun (S35) - A Biopsychosocial Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Interventions

Technology, Engineering, & Math

1st Place: Kevin Macfarlane, Tobby Lie, Devin Piner, Drake Young, & Jahoon Koo (T10) - IAR: An Intelligent Augmented Reality Framework

2nd Place: Matthew Anderson (T2) - Real-time seizure forecasting for epileptics on a consumer product

3rd Place (tie): Kenny Becerril, Zoe Kowalczyk, Jan Peciak, & Christopher Pennick (T4) - MycoBioSIP: Bio-Renewable Building Panels for Sustainable Architecture

3rd Place (tie): John Pace & Liang He (T11) - Estimating Altitude of Drones Using Batteries

Honorable Mention: Jordan Hall (T7) - Derivative-Free Optimization and Active Subspaces in Inverse Problem Theory

People's Choice Awards

Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Tatum Meinert (A16) - A Study of Dutch Still Life in the Golden Age

2nd Place: Npaujnpaim (Diana) Lee (A6) - A Closer Look at the Underground Music Showcase

3rd Place: Joana Sanchez Gomez, Monique Salas, & Christopher Riggs (A8) - The Impact Domestic Violence has on Children who are around it

Biomedical Sciences

1st Place: Madeline Larson (B23) - Immune Cell Homing to Pediatric Sarcomas: Changes in IL-8 Receptor Expression in T cells After Transduction with B7H3-CAR

2nd Place: Gitanjali Rao (B31) - A novel approach to early directional diagnosis of prescription opioid addiction

3rd Place: Anna Meunier and Olivia Gibson (B14) - Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism for early CDB research as indicated by anxious behavior

Natural & Physical Sciences

1st Place: Derek Fearon, Sage Wheeler, Hope James (N12) - Nitrogen Fixation Efficacy of Trifolium repens with Rhizobia Inoculant Treatments

2nd Place: Riley England, Shelbie Johnson, Camryn Allen (N11) - The effects of microplastic water contamination on the phagocytosis in Tetrahymena thermophila

3rd Place: Matin Sanaei (N28) - Neurogenesis Markers in Diapausing Rhagoletis pomonella

Social Sciences

1st Place: Reese Titensor & Reagan Oates (S37) - Identifying the most prevalent sources of stress in adolescent teens at Rock Canyon High School

2nd Place: Marcia Maxson (S19) - Farm-to-Future

3rd Place: Lydia Rhino (S28) - The Impact of Demographic Variables on Access to Eating Disorder Treatment

Technology, Engineering, & Math

1st Place: Rebecca Dennis (T6) - A Geospatial Analysis of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Denver, Colorado

2nd Place: Khalid Adkins, Zaid Al Yasiri, Nicholas Stanford, & Marco Rojas (T1) - Visually Rich Music Sequencing and Sound Generation

3rd Place: Samuel Chen (T5) - Bringing software engineering tools, mindsets, practices to mathematics research

Congratulations Everyone!