Quit Drinking - Timeline

Quit Drinking Timeline

Stopping drinking can be a challenge, especially when doing so alone – but with the bodies innate ability to repair damaged cells and potentially go on to a near-full recovery in record breaking time, more and more drinkers are considering the potential to say goodbye to their habit. And these improvements don’t take weeks to come to fruition either, in fact as the quit drinking timeline below will demonstrate; you could start to see results in the space of just a few hours.

An hour after you quit drinking

Within just an hour of non-exposure to alcohol, the liver will begin to work frantically while the pancreas produces higher volumes of insulin. Together, these organs will help to clear the body of the toxic properties within alcohol.

Within a day of quitting

The next 24 hours can be pretty testing – especially if you notice your body demanding carbohydrates in an effort to maintain its energy levels. Water cravings will also be likely, but if you allow your body to demand while you supply, you could actually enjoy a normalised blood sugar level in just 24 hours.

2 days after you quit

After 48 hours, you might notice that your body is still craving alcohol – especially if you developed an addiction. If you’re strong enough to fight the demands off with the help of a rehab, or alone; you’ll be nearing the end of the detoxification process. Your body will have gotten rid of most of the harmful toxins at this stage, allowing you to function as usual (even if you do feel a little tired and irritable).

The first week after quitting alcohol

By the end of the first week, you should find yourself more physically and mentally capable. You should be able to enjoy a deeper sleep, a more refined thought process and the ability to focus should certainly be something that you’ll appreciate. Furthermore, any dermal-related conditions such as hair loss, dandruff, rashes and eczema might begin to show the signs of improvement.

After a month of being alcohol-free

Your liver should now have returned to its normal size and shape whilst being far better at filtering toxins out of your body. The fat on your body, especially around your stomach and thighs, will likely have reduced, too. This is mainly due to the fact that the toxic properties of alcohol can end up being stored within fatty cells for safe-keeping and in an effort by your body to restrict further toxicity. This is what can result in weight gain and major loss when you quit drinking.

The first year of quitting drinking

And within the space of the first year without alcohol you will have substantially reduced your risk of several cancer types, as well as losing anywhere between 4 and 14lbs in body fat. Your brain will be able to process things much more easily and your digestive system, urination and general bodily functions should now be functioning at their peak.

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