one step at a time

The New Youth Program has been developed to ensure that the activities, programs, challenges and outcomes of Scouting in Australia remain relevant to our Youth Members now and into the future.

The New Youth Program is made up of many exciting elements, all working together the form a Program that is developmental, and provides one exciting journey over the 5 Sections.

Queensland will be progressively implementing the different elements of the New Youth Program in layers, so that we can all focus on one element at a time, and help each other as we go. We know some will be keen to do more, however we have built this approach to best prepare our teams to support the New Program.

The elements build on one another, and will initially run alongside our current program and award scheme. In time, they will begin to replace parts of the current award scheme.

We have built this plan on the following basis:

    • No Youth Member will be disadvantaged in their badgework by the transition
    • Current Youth Members will have a choice to transition or finish their current peak award
    • District/Region Training Meeting's and digital forums will be used to support the roll out
    • Teams have time to learn about each element as it is introduced, and prepare for the next


We're already on our way, with 'The Adventure Begins' launching in April of 2018. The next element to be introduced will be the Outdoor Adventure Skills Areas after the official New Youth Program launch at AJ2019. The Outdoor Adventure Skills will run in addition to the current award scheme in this time.

In September of 2019, we introduced the Special Interest Area's , which replace some of the badges in the current Award Scheme. Youth members will have a choice to transition to the New Program or finish their time in the section under the current award scheme.

Finally, we'll introduce the Program Essentials an which entail Milestones & Challenge Areas, along with any other remaining elements in April of 2020, which will replace the remainder of the current award scheme.

(If you're not quite sure some of these elements are you can learn about them in the Achievement Pathways page)

We expect to have all elements of the New Youth Program up and running throughout all Queensland Groups by the end of 2020. No current peak awards will be issued after 2022.

April 2018 - The Fundamentals (The Adventure Begins) introduced

January 2019 - Outdoor Adventure Skills Areas introduced

September 2019 - Special Interest Areas introduced

April 2020 - All other elements are introduced, including:

  • The Program Essentials
    • Introduction to Scouting
    • Introduction to Section
    • Milestones
  • Challenge Areas
  • Peak Awards and the final requirements
  • Ceremony updates
  • Release of new section Handbooks (record books)
  • Release of all remaining badges

August 2020 - Release of new digital system

December 2022 - No further current peak awards issued.